A question on how to disable workspace control reconnect for Citrix Receivers has come up many times.

Workspace control for Receiver for Web can be managed by editing web.config for the Receiver for Web site. Please see Citrix eDocs for details.

For Receiver for Windows, workspace control can be managed on client devices by modifying the registry. Please see this Knowledgebase Article for how to implement it. This can also be done for domain-joined client devices using Group Policy.

StoreFront 2.6 introduces a configuration to disable workspace control reconnect in the Store Service for all receivers . This can be managed by using PowerShell or by editing web.config.

Using PowerShell

Make sure that you close the Admin Console. Run the following code snippet to import the StoreFront PowerShell modules:

$dsInstallProp = Get-ItemProperty `
 -Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Citrix\DeliveryServicesManagement -Name InstallDir 
$dsInstallDir = $dsInstallProp.InstallDir 
& $dsInstallDir\..\Scripts\ImportModules.ps1

Workspace control reconnect can then be turned on/off by the PowerShell command Set-DSAllowSessionReconnect. Its syntax is:
Set-DSAllowSessionReconnect [[-SiteId] <Int64>] [[-VirtualPath] <String>] `
    [[-IsAllowed] <Boolean>]

For example, if you would like turn off workspace control reconnect for a store in /Citrix/Store, the following command will configure the store appropriately:
Set-DSAllowSessionReconnect -SiteId 1 -VirtualPath /Citrix/Store `
    -IsAllowed $false

Editing web.config

Open web.config under the Store Service, e.g. /Citrix/Store in a text editor. Locate the line looks like:

<resourcesService id="f01f7dc4-7f28-4bc1-b8fb-7c0db9570d20"
      anonymousStore="false" allowSessionReconnect="true" />

Change the value of allowSessionReconnect to false to disable workspace control reconnect or true to enable it.