Citrix GoToMeeting Free

Mathieu Hofman, researcher and developer of GoToMeeting Free, and Eric Bensley, GoToMeeting Senior Product Manager, explain what motivated them to create the newest member of the GoToMeeting product line, GoToMeeting Free.

Hi, Mathieu and Eric here. We are really excited about the launch of GoToMeeting Free! This started simply as technology innovation and now has evolved into the latest addition to our award-winning communications solutions. GoToMeeting Free is an entirely free, browser-based (Chrome), unlimited-use video conferencing product for up to three people. And we made it simple: no need to log in, download additional software, or enable plug-ins.

When our teams first began working on this product it was not about adding to GoToMeeting but rather seeing what would happen if we took great technology – Chrome and WebRTC – and created something that would let people connect instantly in a face-to-face experience. In our efforts there were a few things we aimed to address:

  • Eliminate the need for downloads by running from a browser
  • Make getting into sessions fast and efficient – no sign up, no access codes, just click and go
  • Deliver a high quality video and audio experience
  • Available in Chrome Web store

The result: GoToMeeting Free is like the “casual coffee” of meetings by removing the barriers to quickly connecting with anyone in a meaningful way. GoToMeeting Free is designed for smaller, more informal interactions. It works for consumers and small businesses, but does not include things like screen sharing, recordings, and phone audio that you may require for more structured meetings. We’ve kept this product intimate and interactive. It’s a spontaneous but high-quality conversation.

From seventh graders to business leaders, we’ve gotten great feedback so far on the simple and straight forward experience. We hope that you will try it out. And please, share with us how you like it, how you use it, and if there’s anything else you want added in.

Thanks for meeting up, connecting and syncing on GoToMeeting Free!