Citrix is a Leader in TWO IDC MarketScape Reports

When customers succeed, Citrix wins. Citrix has been recognized as a Leader by IDC in not one, but TWO, Marketscape reports.

Zeroing in on the Top 5 Use Cases for Selling Cloud

Where are cloud technology sellers seeing early cloud wins? Hear what some successful Citrix partners had to say about the top customer use cases for cloud.

How going ‘back to basics’ is driving Citrix UK & Ireland into the cloud!

Overall, in the first half of 2018, Citrix UKI has delivered very pleasing year-on-year growth too — in line with EMEA and global results — with some fantastic deals signed. SITA is one such example. As an organisation, its strategic goal is to transform air travel through technology.

Pedaling into Downtown Raleigh with Citrix Cycle!

Citrix is proud take our community engagement to the next level as the title sponsor for Citrix Cycle, Raleigh’s dock-based bikeshare program.

Optimize experience, security and choice with Citrix Endpoint Management

Available now, Citrix Endpoint Management combines industry-leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) with best-in-class mobile productivity apps, multi-dimensional security, user-based analytics, and Citrix Workspace app, which gives users a secure, contextual, unified workspace on any endpoint.

Durable money and durable models for futuristic banks

It all started with that vintage photo of my Aunt Thelma sitting in front of something that looked like a…

Tieto väljer Citrix molntjänster på Azure för att stötta övergången av kunder till en hybrid molnlösning

Vi är glada att meddela att Tieto, en av Nordens ledande systemintegratörer, valt Citrix molntjänster i Microsoft Azure. Syftet är att möjliggöra leveransen av en ny hybrid molnlösning för deras”Energized Workspace” kunder.

To the cloud! Tieto opts for Citrix Cloud services on Azure to transition Energized Workspace customers to a hybrid-cloud solution.

Tieto, a key Citrix partner and leading Nordic systems integrator, has chosen Citrix Cloud services on Microsoft Azure to underpin a new hybrid-cloud solution for its Energized Workspace customers.

Accelerate Outlook 365 performance and Provide a Native Search Experience with Citrix Profile Management

In the Citrix Profile Management 7.18 release, we introduced a user-based search index container. This container solution is designed to optimize your Office 365 Outlook experience and it could easily be extended to broader use case scenarios.

Taking care of on-premises customers

The focus of Customer Success Engineering is to help on-premises customers succeed by reducing your efforts in running Citrix solutions. That way, you will have more time and energy devoted to running your business.

Cloud Guidepost: Expanding your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service options with Azure Traffic Manager

If you have read my previous series of posts on the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, you probably know…

Need a better way to work with Google Cloud instances? Keep reading…

Citrix is excited to announce the availability of power management support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on Citrix Cloud. We’re offering a better way to work with Google Cloud instances.

Begin Your Journey Into The Workspace Of The Future

At Citrix Synergy 2018, we showcased our vision for how we’re enabling organizations to change how people work with the…

The Citrix Workspace app – Our New Bundle of Joy is Born Today

Today, Citrix is delighted to announce the release of Citrix Workspace app for Desktop and web platforms, with mobile versions releasing shortly!

Citrix TIPs Series: Office 365 + Citrix – Latest Deployment Considerations

This is a question we hear from customers and our internal team all the time: “Does Office 365 ‘work’ on…

5 minutes with Albertslund Kommune

As many local government bodies around the world consider a move to cloud, we spoke to Albertslund’s CIO, Galina Ianchina, and IT Architect Claus Tom Christensen, about their experience so far and their plans for the future.

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