Pause for a moment and reflect on all the hard work you’ve put in over the past 12 months.

Think about all the ways you’ve committed your heart and soul to your customers. You’ve guided them to the cloud, delivered new innovations to drive productivity and efficiency, and helped them reimagine what’s possible with the future of work. You invested in your business, in your relationship with your customers, and with Citrix to build a springboard for success.

We have one question. How will you commit to amplifying your success in 2020?

Start by joining us at Citrix Summit in Orlando Florida, January 13-15, 2020 and save up to $400 by registering today with the Super Early Bird rate.

Summit is the place for you to immerse yourself in a world full of the tools and skills you need to succeed — and walk away ready to conquer 2020.

On average, partners who attend Summit generate 30 percent more revenue than partners who do not attend. It’s the reason so many Citrix partners come back year after year. They’ve learned firsthand what we have long believed: When we work together, our customers work better.

“The excitement of Summit, of new things, of new approaches has returned, luring you into keynotes, tracks, and side talks. You start planning how to best execute, how best to win, and best part, the content is immediately relevant.” — Matthew Metelsky (@telsky), CEO, Third Octet (@thirdoctet)

It’s true that Citrix Networking solutions ensure security and performance in a hybrid and multi-cloud world. Our analytics improve user experience, performance, and security. And Citrix Workspace gives people everything they need to work smarter and faster in a unified, personalized experience.

But it’s also true that no matter how great the product, proposal or presentation — nothing closes deals like the power of people.

Building face-to-face relationships is how you build your business. And at Citrix Summit, we bring the people to you: Citrix executives, industry experts, and fellow partners. Five thousand like-minded professionals from around the world — each of them an opportunity to spark connections that will change the game for your business.

“Every year I very much look forward to Summit. It’s great to see old Citrix friends and meet new ones. It’s evident that Citrix truly views partners as extensions of their team and there’s a ton of great information we can use to grow our business and better meet our customers’ needs.” — Mary Thulen, Manager of Partner Relations, Burwood Group (@burwoodgroup)

When you attend Citrix Summit, all the incredible opportunities that you’d otherwise miss are now yours for the taking.

The opportunities available to you at Summit are limitless. You might find yourself sharing a meal or a drink with fellow Citrix enthusiasts, tapping into conversations about the most compelling Citrix innovations, and first-hand accounts of how other partners are creating value for customers and bringing the future of work to life.

Perhaps, you’ll take a leap and get a highly-coveted Citrix certification. You’ve heard that IT professionals with Citrix certs make an average of $14,000 more than peers without certifications. Maybe you’ve been too busy, or waiting for the right place (or the right price) to recertify your expertise.

Well, here’s your opportunity!

Because your conference pass includes one free certification exam — with additional exams available for a fee — Summit 2020 is the perfect place to make this crucial investment in your practice and your career.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see hundreds of ways to expand your knowledge with actionable information, marketing insights, and proven sales tactics. All the insider access, top experts, tips, and training you need for success — at your fingertips.

“Two days of keynotes, geek speaks, booths and lectures at Citrix Summit pumped me up to spark new deals, drive opportunities, and accelerate the journey to the cloud for our current and new customers. I left Summit feeling ready to WIN!” — Jan Knettig, ICT Consultant, K-net Technical International Group

You’ve put in the effort, now let us amplify that effort, elevate the power of this partnership, and equip you for the best year yet at Summit.

We want all our partners there for it. If you haven’t been, you’re overdue for some #CitrixPartnerLove.

Don’t wait. Registration for Citrix Summit 2020 is now open. The limited-time, early-bird rate won’t last long!

See you there!

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