Citrix is committed to providing the best user experience with best-in-class security within Citrix Workspace. That’s why we’re excited to announce a public tech preview within the Citrix Workspace UI that enables integration with an on-premises Citrix Gateway to expand third-party identity-provider integration.

What Does This Mean for You?

You’ve made an investment in an on-premises Citrix Gateway to develop an identity solution that best fits your company. Today, Citrix Gateway supports a wide variety of identity integration, all of which can now be leveraged for authentication to Citrix Workspace. With this tech preview and with an on-premises Citrix Gateway, admins can enable authentication via:

  • RADIUS authentication
  • Smart-Card Authentication
  • Integrated Windows Authentication (Pass-through Auth)
  • Conditional access policies

Expanding the Universe

Admins can now architect an expanded set of identity solutions with Citrix Workspace because all Citrix Gateway AAA functionality is now available for use within the tech preview. Citrix Workspace will automatically federate to the customer’s on-premises Gateway AAA during logon (Workspace->Gateway AAA login).

One important use-case now available in Citrix Workspace through the Citrix Gateway is the ability to leverage on-premises RADIUS and other third-party MFA providers such as Symantec, RSA, DUO. In addition to multi-factor authentication, you can also extend the nFactor policy framework that your on-premises Citrix Gateway provides to implement a zero-trust model for enforcing your contextual access control policies. For example, now you can authenticate your on-premises users with a username/password and challenge your remote users with a second-factor authentication.

An Improved End-User Experience

Below is an example of what the new end-user experience will be like:

Who Should Participate in the Tech Preview?

If you’re an existing customer using StoreFront on-premises with an on-premises Citrix Gateway and are looking to move to Citrix Workspace in the cloud, you should participate in this tech preview.

If you are an existing Citrix Workspace or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service customer and have an on-premises Citrix Gateway or Citrix ADC, you should participate in this tech preview.

If you don’t have an on-premises Citrix Gateway or Citrix ADC, you can download it for a free trial here.

To enroll in our tech preview, just log in to your Citrix Cloud account and navigate to the “Identity and Access Management” section using the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the page, then select “Citrix Gateway.” Follow the steps listed in your in-product guide.