If you work in a healthcare environment, you know that performance and reliability are table stakes when designing a technical platform to support your organization. That’s why health care IT professionals have relied on Citrix solutions for decades.

Whether it’s deploying EHR apps like Epic and Cerner or virtual desktops (VDI) to optimize and deliver seamless, uniform compute experiences, Citrix delivers solutions that exceed user expectations.

But we believe better is always possible.

While these core EHR vendors are extremely important, they aren’t the only solutions our customers use in their environments. Key workflows often rely on several solutions, bridging clinical and operational applications that can create complex workflows for end users. Employees, who each have their own unique needs and work requirements, deal with countless apps and workflows every day, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

This is where better becomes possible!

The intelligent features of Citrix Workspace have been years in the making and will transform the employee experience. See how better is possible, and learn about how Citrix envisions the future of work.

Learn About Joint Solutions from Citrix and Cisco

With Cisco Live 2019 starting this week, I’d be remiss not to mention the innovations Cisco has made with its HyperFlex solution. Many of our healthcare customers have leveraged Cisco UCS technologies deploy our solutions for all workloads. This trend will continue. The Cisco HyperFlex All NVMe configuration with Intel® Optane™ technology was recently tested and exceeds Epic’s operational database performance requirements. Learn more here and here.

If you’re attending Cisco Live, come by the Citrix booth (#1213) in the World of Solutions Hall to say hello and check out all these great new solutions. We look forward to seeing you, our many joint customers and partners, for what we are sure will be an amazing event.

Also, take a look at the information hub Citrix and Cisco have created where you can read about and download information on all of our joint solutions.

And, finally, let me leave you with a list of three things I’d recommend you check out at Cisco Live:

  • As of January, all HyperFlex systems that shipped were designated “Citrix Cloud-ready.” That means that for any Citrix customer who would like to quickly and easily enable hybrid cloud for Citrix Workspace, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Here’s a preview, and you can see a demo of Cisco HyperFlex for Citrix Cloud services at Cisco Live.
  • Together, Citrix ADC and Cisco ACI solve a data center’s most pressing infrastructure and network management problems by providing a solution that integrates L4-L7 load balancing, alleviates overhead and sprawl, scales as demand fluctuates, and ensures future compatibility in competitive business environments. See Citrix ADC for Cisco ACI in action and stop by our booth to learn more.
  • On Tuesday June 11 at 12:40 p.m., Sr. Platform Alliance Solutions Architect Allen Furmanski will provide an under-the-hood view of how HyperFlex and Citrix Cloud work together to make hybrid-cloud workspaces easy. Look for Think Tank #1, near the Citrix booth (#1213).

We look forward to seeing you at Cisco Live!