Citrix and DXC Technology are long-term leaders in workspace thinking and delivery. Today our 18-year partnership is closer than ever, optimized through joint engagement with Microsoft.

Together, Citrix, DXC, and Microsoft are putting people at the center of their intelligent workspace. Empowering them to help organizations compete and grasp new opportunities. Engaging them to feel productive and to help deliver profitability.

Citrix and DXC share a vision of workspace excellence, and, working with Microsoft we create intelligent workspaces that are personal, secure, and adaptive.

Personal — Because people are getting smarter about how they want to work and the organizations they want to work for. They want personalized workspaces where they can access self-serve apps and tools anytime anywhere on any device. They want to collaborate sideways to solve problems with colleagues, not wait for top-down management solutions.

Secure — Because empowering employees doesn’t mean managers lose their grip. Far from it. Our intelligent workspaces provide a single control center for delivering tools, processes, and policies in corporate alignment. Data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance are easily controlled and managed with seamless and secure integration.

Adaptive — Because no organization can function effectively, let alone transform, if it doesn’t respond to change. An intelligent workspace needs to evolve in line with digital developments and the needs and behaviors of the workforce. We don’t know what the world will look like in 10 or 20 years’ time. But workspaces should never be a blocker to tomorrow’s opportunities. They must be designed for new business objectives and the generations coming on board.

Get it right and work is a happier place to be. The business dividends can be impressive, too. According to Mobiquity Cornerstone OnDemand Gallup, when employees are fully engaged, absenteeism drops by 37 percent, staff turnover reduces by 22 percent, and the bottom line improves with a 21 percent boost in profitability.

Truly effective intelligent workspaces depend on the experience and capabilities of providers, of course. And that’s where we come in. Rooted firmly in Microsoft’s uniquely complete and flexible environment, the Citrix and DXC partnership is an ecosystem of digital transformation and intelligent automation second to none.

We’ve seen plenty of change in 18 years. It’s only going to get more exciting in the decades ahead!

Look out for more during and after Citrix Synergy 2019.