Simplify your Citrix SD-WAN deployment with powerful management and automation capabilities, delivered from the cloud. The SD-WAN Orchestrator for Enterprises is the next-generation Citrix SD-WAN management platform that can be consumed as a SaaS service by enterprises that prefer to self-manage their infrastructure or can be packaged as part of the SD-WAN service offered by our Citrix partner providers.

As a centralized management and analytics tool, Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator is architected for all deployment sizes, including large-scale SD-WAN rollouts, giving you the agility you need to quickly deliver new services to your users. In addition, integrated security means that you don’t have to worry about additional complexity.

Having a robust set of management capabilities doesn’t mean it will take you long to be up and running, though. Zero-touch provisioning enables you to bring up your network seamlessly and centralize the provisioning of network connections without the need for technical supervision at each site. With an enterprise-ready UI for reporting and analytics, monitoring users, permissions, applications, and WAN links, control is now at your fingertips. Take a look.

Simplify your Cloud Migration

SaaS apps are continuing to gain momentum, thanks to their efficient cloud-native and ubiquitous architecture. Citrix’s SD-WAN management platform is built on the same principle. By consuming the network management as a service, you don’t have to acquire and manage a server, data backup, version management, sizing for scale, and more.

Scale Your Network to Keep Pace with the Business

Having a network that’s more agile with centralized management, configuration, and monitoring enables you to connect users to new services faster and onboard new locations. Additional benefits include:

  • Convenient pricing models: Available in pre-paid and post-paid models. The post-paid model is available only via Citrix Service Providers (CSPs).
  • Centralized configuration: Supports centralized and simplified configuration of SD-WAN networks, with guided workflows, visual aids, and templates.
  • Application-centric policies: Supports rich application visibility, including Citrix HDX and enables application-based traffic steering, Quality of Service (QoS), and firewall policies.
  • Hierarchical summarization of health: Supports the ability to centrally monitor health, usage, quality, and performance trends of the network, with the ability to drill down into individual sites and associated connections.
  • Centralized troubleshooting and diagnostics: Supports the ability to centrally run diagnostic tests and review device logs across the network, without having to log into individual devices.
  • Integration with cross-product analytics: Integrated user, application, and security insights across Citrix products

Existing Citrix SD-WAN Customers

If you already have Citrix SD-WAN, this new platform runs as a management overlay and doesn’t require configuration changes on the physical or virtual appliances at either end of your WAN.

This means all the Citrix SD-WANs at the branch sites and the Master Control Node (MCN) responsible for automating topology reconfiguration across multi-regions remain intact. All you need is to have authorized access to the Citrix Cloud and activate the SD-WAN Orchestrator subscription service. The subscription services can be purchased directly from Citrix Service Advisors (CSAs) or Citrix Service Providers (CSPs).

Get Started with Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

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