Since launching last August, Citrix Files for Windows and Mac has delivered a streamlined and rich desktop experience for our customers. It unifies multiple tools from the ShareFile platform, offering a simplified and productive solution to end users’ common frustrations and reducing tool-management complexity for IT.

Citrix Files incorporates all the functionality and benefits of our Drive Mapper and Desktop App tools, enabling users to access their files without a full sync and giving users productivity features right from their native Windows Explorer and macOS Finder.

Here’s your chance to help shape the future of Citrix Files for Windows and Mac and join our Offline Access beta.

With Offline Access’ sync functionality, Citrix Files for Windows and Mac users can work on and keep a file locally on their device. They can modify the file on the go, whether they’re heading to another meeting, hopping on a plane, or working at the beach. Once the user reconnects their device, all their local changes are synced back to their account. Any changes made to an item the user has marked offline is also synced down locally to their device.

To date, more than 2,000 users have joined the Citrix Files Offline Access beta and have taken over 13,000 items offline. They’ve given us great feedback on the beta process and the Offline Access beta, helping us improve the product already.

The beta will be available for another couple of months. Keep reading to see a few highlights of what we’ve shipped so far and to learn how you can join the beta.

You can now right click on a file or folder to take it offline. See screenshots from Windows and Mac below.

You can also select multiple files to take offline or to return to an online state.



We’ve also introduced new file and folder icons. You’ll see visual improvements to let you know which items are not synced locally on the device; which items are in the cache and have been accessed lately but aren’t marked to stay in an offline/sync state; and which items the are marked for offline access.

We’ve made countless other behind-the-scene improvements to work toward bringing a single, unified desktop application to you! As we approach the general availability of Citrix Files Offline Access, you’ll see us integrate even more of your favorite features from existing ShareFile apps. Be on the lookout for future betas of these new features and for general availability by subscribing to our release notes page.

Click the links below to download Citrix Files and use the latest Offline Access beta.