Citrix and Google have worked together for a long time. The relationship started in 2011 when we embarked on a seven-year partnership to deliver secure apps and desktops on Chrome devices, and it continues to grow. Over time, we’ve introduced device management with Citrix Endpoint Management, supported Android smartphones, integrated new Citrix Content Collaboration features and more.

Chromebooks and Citrix Workspace

Fast forward to today with the integration of Chrome devices with Citrix Workspace and Citrix Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and we have a compelling story for a solution for SaaS apps, secure web applications, and virtual apps and desktops that can be rapidly deployed and centrally managed.

One such example is a hot-desking experience, where users can grab an available Chromebook and access their Citrix Workspace to work with their required files and applications from a single pane of glass. Applications can be delivered via single sign-on while meeting corporate security requirements, and data can be accessed, shared, and collaborated on directly from the Chromebooks as well as from virtual apps and desktops. Devices can be managed from a central location through Citrix Endpoint Management and Chrome Enterprise.

Deploying Citrix Cloud on GCP

With the announcements of power management and Citrix VPX for Google Cloud Platform deployments, we can now deploy Citrix Cloud on GCP. Google Cloud offers some unique benefits, such as a global network with cross-region subnet options and custom instance definitions that can change the way Citrix Cloud deployments are designed and implemented. Citrix has worked with Google to define some design patterns for implementing Citrix on GCP, and we have options from simple proof of concept to enterprise-class deployments, as well as some cool scripting to rapidly deploy, expand, and destroy a proof of concept solution for initial testing.

If you want to learn more, attend the February Technology in Practice Series webinar. A panel of Google and Citrix experts will discuss the anatomy of a Google Chrome and Citrix Workspace deployment on GCP. In this webinar, you’ll learn about deployment strategies for Chrome devices with Citrix Workspace, key leading practices, and design patterns for Citrix Cloud on GCP. And you’ll get to see a demo of a Citrix on Google Cloud deployment.

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