Discover new solutions and use cases at the Citrix Workspace Experience. At this year’s Citrix Workspace Experience, you’ll have the opportunity to come together with product experts to exchange ideas, view demos, ask questions, and forge relationships. Formerly called the Citrix Booth Experience, this was the highest-rated activity at Summit 2018, based on attendee surveys.

Here, you can get into the nitty-gritty of new Citrix product releases and features. To help you tell the Citrix Workspace story to your customers, we’ve created a special journey for you in 2019.

Welcome Center

Start your experience at the Welcome Center, where your badge will be scanned for a personalized recommendation on the best way to navigate the experience based on your registration profile.

Collaborative Discussion Areas

Next, visit the Collaborative Discussion Areas to get deeper insights on Citrix Networking, Citrix Workspace, and Citrix Analytics, and to learn more about the partnership with Microsoft and Citrix Desktop-as-a-Service. Speak directly with product marketing leaders about components of the Citrix Workspace and ask questions about sales motions and opportunities. Citrix experts will equip you with strategies that you can use immediately to share business value with your customers. This is a great way to strengthen your Citrix partnership and better understand how to increase revenue.

Immersive Experience

Continue the experience with the Citrix mobility story, presented as a flight simulation that demonstrates new Citrix solutions and use cases and how our products increase productivity for partners and customers. The Immersive Experience includes the Cockpit, Main Cabin, and the Device Bar.

  • Cockpit: Be the captain of the future of work on the Citrix flight deck. You fly the plane in a demonstration of how HDX 3D Pro delivers graphic-intense virtual apps and desktops and of how Citrix delivers high-end graphics while navigating challenging network environments securely.
  • Main Cabin: Citrix has a first class seat reserved for you in the Main Cabin, where you can see demonstrations of new Citrix solutions that keep partners on the forefront of the evolution of work.
  • Device Bar: Finally, discover the benefits of Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix Content Collaboration, Citrix Secure Mail, and Citrix Secure Web solutions.

Because the ability to tell the Citrix Workspace story is crucial to partner success, we’ve created a memorable experience so that you can confidently articulate Citrix business value to customers. To get the absolute most out of Summit ’19, make the Citrix Workspace Experience a priority on your agenda.

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