Believe it or not, there was a time when security was relatively simple. Your firewall guarded your data center, and life was nothing but blue skies. Then the clouds rolled in. Instead of making life easier, things got complicated: governance and security, vendor choices, and data center conversion challenges plagued the IT world.

End users paid the price, with VPN token gates and frustrating multi-factor authentication. From a productivity and user-experience perspective, access to workspaces is vital. It enables workers to access the apps and data they need in a predictable, consistent, and efficient way.

Join us at AWS re:Invent and learn how the Citrix Workspace app can help you on your digital transformation journey. Steve Wilson, our VP of Product for Cloud and IoT, and Marissa Schmidt, our Sr. Director of Product Management, will be in Aria East, Level 1, Joshua 9, on Monday, November 26, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (PST)  talking about securing SaaS/web and Windows apps in a hybrid cloud world.

The world’s first unified digital workspace for business, Citrix Workspace is a seamless solution that offers:

  • instant access to all your apps, from SaaS to mobile, to virtual and web
  • aggregated file access, regardless of location on your hard drive, shared network, or in the cloud
  • dynamic and adaptive responses to a secured digital perimeter and user behavior analytics

Citrix Workspace gives you a single point of entry and control for all your Windows, Linux, SaaS, and web apps, as well as your data. One of the coolest new features is the ability to layer in watermarking to highlight confidential and updated applications. This set of easy-to-use policies for copy/paste control or download restrictions gives you ultimate control over your publications.

And if you like that idea, you will love the analytics enabled from the embedded browser that provide full access for an entire session, even beyond the initial single sign-on. Unknown URLs are automatically redirected to the secure browser service to so it never gets to your center or your VDA, in never gets never your environment. Citrix routes all of that safely and securely. With control of the browser and gateway, Citrix makes maximum utilization of those security and productivity insights, enabling you to provide insightful data on the way your employees use applications.

Now, with Citrix Workspace, you can define your entire user experience to your SaaS and web apps, with single sign-on access and total data controls. All of this is available for your on-premise data centers using Citrix ADC and AWS ELB with GLB coupled with Citrix ITM.

Can’t make our AWS re:Invent session? Find us at booth 2633, where you can learn how to accelerate your business with Citrix Workspace and register for Citrix giveaways.