Over the last few months we have discussed, all the great ways our US Local, State and Federal customers can build a solution using commercial versions of Citrix technology and cloud services with partner infrastructure like Microsoft Azure Government.

I am pleased to announce the unveiling and general availability of Citrix Cloud Government, a platform built directly on Microsoft Azure Government. Our Citrix Cloud Government platform is a US government-grade cloud that is FedRAMP High Authorized Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Citrix Cloud Government is designed for US local, state and federal agencies and commercial organizations working directly with such agencies.

Citrix Cloud Government is a unique, dedicated instance of our Citrix Cloud platform. We have leveraged the robust Citrix Cloud services and migrated these services to government compliant, secure infrastructure that meets the needs and requirements of our public sector customers.

Available today are the following services:

These services allow administrators to meet their agencies needs by hosting both the virtual applications and desktops workloads and the management service on government-grade cloud infrastructure through Microsoft Azure Government to meet your agency’s needs.

You can expect Citrix to continue to build out our portfolio of Citrix Workspace services to bring the full workspace experience in our Citrix Cloud Government platform to empower our local, state and federal customers to deliver a government-grade, comprehensive digital workspace.  Of course, any government customer that does not have strict government-level security requirements can leverage the full portfolio in the non-government Citrix Cloud services.

All of this is great news if you’re in the U.S., right? But what if you’re located in Europe? Don’t worry, there’s good news for you too: Earlier in the year Citrix added support within our commercial Virtual Apps and Desktops services to manage virtual app and desktop resource locations in Microsoft Azure Government and Azure Germany clouds. This meets the needs of administrators that must run their workloads in government clouds that must fulfill regional laws and regulations in order to stay compliant.

Please note: Citrix is actively pursuing FedRAMP certification, for more information on Citrix Government solutions please contact us.