These days we all have different mobile workflow needs and levels of security concerns, especially when it comes to corporate data. So how can we access tasks and notes securely from a mobile device? Citrix found the perfect balance between a great user experience and security by partnering with Shafer Systems, the developer of Notate for Enterprise, an organizational app that enables employees and executives to write, collect, annotate and collaborate. Notate brings one of the best user experiences available while Citrix adds unmatched security with XenMobile. Let’s take a look at what you can expect in administrator and end user experiences.


XenMobile gives you the flexibility of leveraging different options for securing Notate application data; MDM policies with Notate for Enterprise or Mobile Application Management (MAM) for additional app level protection with Notate for Citrix.

First, let’s take a look at some of the top XenMobile MDM options with Notate for Enterprise:

  • Push Notate to end users as an optional or mandatory app.

  • Employee leaves the company or loses their device? No worries, with selective wipe you can remove the Notate app while leaving their personal data intact.

  • Tired of help desk calls to answer basic setup questions? App configuration policies can autofill the Notate set-up fields and more. End users will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to start using Notate for Enterprise. It connects back to their Exchange account for syncing across all connected devices.

On top of these security features, Notate for Enterprise adds the ability to authenticate with XenMobile, encrypt data at rest and in transit, secure VPN-less connectivity with Exchange on premise or Office 365 and data leakage policies enforced by XenMobile.

Next, let’s dive into Notate for Citrix, which adds security and functionality by leveraging XenMobile MAM technology.

  • App level encryption (AES256)
  • App level mVPN for encrypted access back to Exchange
  • 50+ app level policies to fully control your corporate data, including which 3rd apps or device level features can access the secure data.
  • Best news of all, you can use all of these features without MDM, which sometimes slows down BYOD adoption. MAM-only makes enrollment quick and easy without end users feeling like they give up device privacy for access to corporate data.

End User

Let’s face it, we’re all end users and what we care most about is our on-the-go experience. Sometimes user experience takes a back seat to protecting corporate data, but that’s not the case with Notate (for Enterprise or Citrix) + XenMobile. End users can expect an easy yet rich experience while capturing and organizing their important information. Since that information security syncs back to Exchange you know it will be there waiting for you across all other connected devices. Here are some other great features to help create and manage your most important content:

  • Annotation (Handwriting and Highlighter tools)
  • Access to the device image gallery
  • Capture of Audio recordings
  • Use of the camera for inserting photos
  • Inserting WEB clippings to notes
  • Control of note Geotagging
  • Enabling Team Sharing of Notes
  • Notes + Tasks configuration and syncing with Exchange

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Notate application usage for both iOS and Android require a separate license purchased (not included with XenMobile license purchase) and application support will be provided by the Notate vendor (Shafer Systems). Please reach out to for more information on licensing.