XenMobile 10.8.35 adds new features for Android P

Android P has a lot of new features for the enterprise, adding more security for corporate devices, a new way to transition between work and personal apps, and flexible kiosk options for those using devices in dedicated-use scenarios — to mention just a few.

The Citrix XenMobile team has been working on leveraging these features. We added these capabilities mainly for people beta testing Android P, as Android P is expected to be released later this year. Here are some new client features that we added in the soon-to-be-released XenMobile 10.8.35.

Android P compatibility: XenMobile Secure apps will now display in the Google Play store for those beta testing Android P devices.

Back Button Enhancement: With Secure Mail for Android, expanded options of the Floating Action Button can now be dismissed with the tap of the back button on your device. This action takes you back to the message or event details view.

Meeting Response Options: With Secure Mail for Android, you may now respond to invites by tapping on Yes, No or Maybe, when you receive an email notification about meeting invites.

Pull to Refresh: With Secure Web for Android, users may update their on-screen data by using the pull to refresh feature.

In upcoming releases, look for Citrix Secure Apps to leverage more Android P features to add more capabilities and a better user experience.

Citrix Secure Mail ALERT:  When new Secure Apps client releases are made available, Secure Mail will go out to an increasing percentage of users over the course of a week. For more information on release cadence for Secure Mail, click HERE.

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