Over the last few months, I’ve been sharing some of the latest Secure Mail enhancements. As we continue innovating and improving our Secure Mail app, we do so keeping in mind experience, choice, and security. With this week’s 10.8.35 release our focus is Experience.


Secure Mail 10.8.35 improves the user experience for iOS users. With notification response options from the lock screen and banner notifications, users can respond to meeting notifications with Accept, Decline, or Delete, or to message notifications with Reply or Delete, simplifying daily tasks and helping users manage their inboxes.


For Android users, it’s now even easier to respond to email notifications, as meeting response buttons appear within the emails in Secure Mail 10.8.35. When you receive a meeting invite email notification, you can respond to the invite by tapping Yes, Maybe, or No in the email.

Also new for Android users, Secure Mail 10.8.35 introduces back button enhancements. Users can tap the back button on their devices to dismiss the expanded options of the Floating Action Button. This action takes you back to the message or event details view.

With this release, we continue to improve the end-user experience for all Secure Mail users. XenMobile 10.8.35 also includes compatibility with Android P for customers beta testing Android P devices, XenMobile apps will display in the Google play Store. For full details on XenMobile 10.8.35, including Secure Hub and Secure Web updates, click HERE.

Secure Mail 10.8.35 will release leveraging the public app store phased/staged release process. This means the Secure Mail 10.8.35 update will be available in the Google Play or Apple App Store over the course of a week starting Wednesday, June 20th.