At Citrix Synergy 2017, I had the pleasure of co-presenting a breakout session titled “It’s the end of work as we know it” with my good friends and co-conspirators Christian Reilly and Thomas Berger. In that session, we took a look at how employees’ expectations are changing, how organisations’ needs are evolving, and how new and emerging technology can help meet the needs of both employers and employees, increasing productivity along the way. We also had some fun with live demos showing how Citrix sees the future of work, including a rather cheeky Amazon Echo taunting Christian!

Part of my job at Citrix involves looking at emerging technologies and how Citrix can embrace them to provide richer experiences to end-users at the same time as providing the security, performance and compliance capabilities required by their employers. I’m particularly excited about combining contextual experiences (powered by rich sources of data about what people actually do, combined with machine learning to predict what they want before they know they want it) with non-traditional means of human-computer interaction, such as voice interfaces, computer vision, and connected gadgets (what Steve Wilson collectively calls the 4th-gen user interface). Many of these technologies that were only recently considered advanced and bleeding edge, are now available off-the-shelf and are, therefore, starting to appear in everyday devices and applications.

At this year’s Citrix Synergy, I once again have the honour of joining Christian on stage. Join us in Anaheim at SYN128 “Future of work” at 10.30am on Wednesday May 9 to hear more about how Citrix sees the future of work as one that uniquely integrates devices, people, data and information with workspace, networking, and analytics technologies to deliver the experience, security and choice that people and organisations need to unlock innovation and stay on the leading edge of productivity. I’m busy working on a new batch of demos that will give attendees a glimpse of the future and how Citrix can help them navigate it.