At Citrix, we understand that cloud transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Moving to the cloud is a journey and customers must go at their own business pace. We also recognize that making the transition from traditional software-based XenApp and XenDesktop to the cloud may not happen overnight. For most companies, a hybrid cloud deployment option is likely the simplest way to start your journey to the cloud.

With this in mind Citrix is introducing XenApp Service for Citrix Cloud to help meet your hybrid cloud needs. XenApp Service secures the delivery of Windows, Linux, Web and SaaS applications to any device from anywhere, while enabling you to manage your on-premises infrastructure and your cloud-based infrastructure from one simple control console. XenApp Service allows you to choose the workload deployment option that best aligns with your enterprise cloud strategy and migrate to the cloud when you are ready. Powered by Citrix Cloud, XenApp Service offers the quickest way to deploy a fully featured app virtualization solution.

Why XenApp Service?

XenApp Service can be the simplest way to make a first step to the cloud, which can help IT organizations solve some of today’s global business challenges including:

Remote Access – Provide your employees the ability to securely access the applications they need on any device they choose from anywhere. With XenApp Service you can deliver applications securely to your users globally without concern for any service degradation and enable them to stay productive.

Geo-expansion – From mergers and acquisitions to expanding your company’s footprint globally, XenApp Service can enable you to provide the applications your users need to get their jobs done. Provision different applications to different groups quickly to get them up and running as well as manage both on-prem infrastructure and cloud services from one simple console.

Disaster Recovery – Disruptions are an inevitable part of business. From storms to cyber threats to unplanned outages, you need to keep your business up and running. With XenApp Service, disasters don’t have to leave you with downtime. XenApp Service enables IT to manage and route traffic accordingly from the management console to prevent downtime, keeping your employees productive no matter what the circumstance.

With XenApp Service you get the same great performance and benefits you’ve come to expect from Citrix including:

Flexibility – Backed by Citrix Cloud, XenApp Service gives IT admins the flexibility to manage multiple public clouds and on-prem infrastructure all from the Citrix cloud studio console. And with the benefit of XenApp Service in the cloud, you always receive the latest version of service without having to manage planned maintenance or updates. With the Citrix cloud code stack being similar to our software model, IT can migrate from on-prem solutions to the cloud and still maintain its level of familiarity with the management console.

Experience – With XenApp Service your users will have the same great experience whether they are accessing their apps from local infrastructure or in the cloud. End users can simply log into Citrix Receiver, which is accessible from any device or via HTML 5 browser. The end user’s workspace will have applications listed side by side from cloud and on premises, making it easy for them to get to all of their Windows, SaaS, Linux or corporate apps in one convenient location helping them to stay productive no matter the device or location.

Security – Applications delivered via XenApp Service minimize risk of end user devices being compromised. Virtualization itself lowers the risk of a data breach because the data is stored in the data center and not on end user’s device, preventing loss due to device loss or theft. Secondly, leading cloud providers have the ability to quickly update and patch cloud infrastructure as well as application updates, ensuring customers are always up-to-date with security patches.

XenApp Service is available for $20 per user/device per month based on an annual contract, additional discounting may apply. XenApp Service requires a minimum of 25 users and a minimum term of one year. Citrix has additional transition offers for existing XenApp on-premises customers looking to transition to a cloud service.

If your company has a cloud initiative, take a look at Citrix XenApp Service, as well as other Citrix Cloud services today.