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Once upon a time, in a hospital far, far away, a doctor sat at his desk, mulling over medical files and dictating notes into a “dictaphone.” He stubbed out his last smoke of the day in an ashtray emblazoned with the hospital’s logo. He locked his office door, walked past the nurse’s station and left the building and the security perimeter behind.

Fast Forward to 2018

Today’s clinicians have the ability — it’s actually more of a requirement — to work from anywhere and on the device that fits their real-time needs. As they move from their home to their commute to the hospital, surgical theater, coffee shop, medical supply closet (we’ve all seen ER and know what happens in there) and back home, they work. They work in an ever-changing context, with multiple devices, locations, and access requirements. They work. And that is — and should be — all they care about.

As Healthcare IT professionals, the need to guarantee security and compliance isn’t just a legal requirement, it’s an ethical obligation. Patients come to the hospital when they are at their most vulnerable. They are sick, injured, desperate, and, yes, scared. And though we may not wield a scalpel, nor dispense lifesaving meds, we can and must do our part to ensure the safety and security of every soul that comes under “our” care. And that includes their sensitive information.

Healthcare Information Management Systems Society

Yes, of course Citrix will be at HIMSS this year. And yes, you can come to booth 7520 and see hands-on demonstrations on securing the digital workspace. You can see the productivity gains of tap in/tap out solutions like the integration of QwickACCESS with Citrix Receiver for Chrome. Or take a bite out of the Citrix Ready workspace hub, it’s built on the Raspberry Pi. You can also interact with our key Alliance partners like Microsoft, Google, Nutanix, and more to see how together we make clinicians’ experience greater, and tighten security and compliance while maintaining optimum productivity.

We do these things not because we can enable clinicians to see more patients per day. Not because our hospitals delivers a BYOD program. Not so that Healthcare Organizations can meet compliance requirements with ease and confidence. We do these things for the reasons that matter the most, because of the people who are under “our” care. And yes, I do use the royal “our” because I also believe that everyone, from the facilities person to the IT Administrator to the Chief of Staff, is responsible for patient care, safety, and security.

Today, that doctor doesn’t smoke in their office, doesn’t have an ashtray on their desk that has the hospital logo on it, and may even not have an office. And there is a greater than 32.4%1 chance that the doctor in this story is not a HIM at all.


Visit Citrix at Booth 7520.

Visit Citrix Ready Partners in the Citrix Ready Pavilion , Booth number 12332.

Visit us in the Cybersecurity Command Center at Level 2, Titian Ballroom, Booth 8600, Kiosk 46.

Don’t miss Kurt Roemer of Citrix in Session CS71, Pivot Point, Securing the Digital Perimeter, at 3:30pm, Wednesday, March 7, Level 2, Titian Meeting room, Booth 8600.

Watch for Sean Donahue of Citrix (HEY! That’s ME!) presenting at the Nutanix, HPE and Google Expo Theaters. Also, do me a favor and check the canals for me. Those gondolas get me every time.