There is no doubt that for any customer you speak with today, security is top of mind. I know; I live it every day as the newly named CSIO (lots of fancy letters that stand for Chief Security Information Officer). Citrix made the decision to combine the CIO and CSO roles because, today, security threats demand that technologists think about security first.

With this shift in customer need comes a need for deeper understanding and empathy for the security-minded leader. As a sales professional, you might be asking yourself things like, “How do I approach this customer? How do they think make technology decisions? How do they think about budgets? What words are important for them to hear and what should you never say to me?”

At Citrix Summit 2018, we’ll have answers to these questions (and more!) in SELL313: How to get a meeting with a security executive—and what not to say.

At Summit—which kicks off next week in Anaheim, California—I am excited to share insights from my 20-year vendor selecting career. Jeff Basciano, Managing Director, Citrix Sales team, has graciously offered to facilitate a 45-minute fireside chat where you will have the opportunity to ask questions about how to approach a security customer. I will give you open and direct insight about what works, and what does not.

Looking forward to you joining me and Jeff at Citrix Summit 2018!

SELL313: How to get a meeting with a security executive—and what never to say

Want to know what terms immediately turn off a security executive? Want to hear what will intrigue them enough to take your meeting? How you approach your next security customer can make or break whether you get in the door. This interactive session will walk you through the dos and don’ts in a fireside chat setting featuring insights from our own CSIO, Stan Black, and plenty of Q+A time. Don’t miss hearing directly from one of the industry’s top security professionals, and learning from his 20 years of experience selecting and working with vendors.

January 9, 2018; 10:45 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Anaheim Convention Center, Level 2, 207A

*Seating for this session is on a first come, first served basis.