Citrix has been honored with the Best Practices in Knowledge Management and Best Practices in Service Offer Development 2017 STAR Awards announced at the Technology Services World conference held on October 25, 2017 in Las Vegas.

We are thrilled to see our efforts in innovation and excellence being recognized by prestigious industry associations like Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). TSIA is the leading association for technology and services organizations dedicated to advancing the business of Technical Services.

“Citrix has demonstrated award-winning levels of dedication to excellence in the areas of Knowledge Management and Service Offer Development,” said Thomas Lah, TSIA Executive Director. “Their commitment to success should serve as an inspiration to other technology services businesses across the industry, and we are proud to acknowledge their achievements.”

STAR Award candidates undergo a rigorous evaluation process, with the winners selected by TSIA’s advisory board members. The STAR Awards have become one of the highest honors in the technology services industry, enabling companies to be publicly acknowledged by their peers as being the best in the business.

Citrix’s 2017 STAR Awards include:

Best Practices in Knowledge Management

This award recognizes the company who best leveraged Knowledge Management people, processes and technology to improve operational performance, service levels, and the overall customer experience by connecting customers with access to support information. Citrix was a finalist in this category in 2016 and earned the first-place award for our constant efforts to improve and innovate our Knowledge Management program.

Citrix’s goal for our Knowledge Management program was to create a holistic, global solution that would increase customer success and satisfaction, while managing costs more effectively. Through innovative approaches such as a modernized online customer experience, redesigned content workflows, dedicated content lifecycle specialists and visual designers, and gamification programs, Citrix has delivered a best-in-class Knowledge Management program.

Best Practices in Services Offer Development

This award recognizes the company who demonstrated best practices in its portfolio of Service offers. This award is recognition of our transformation to Citrix Customer Success Services (CSS) and how we Reimagined Technical Support. CSS moves far beyond traditional break-fix support and introduces a new set of capabilities, tools, and services that provides our customers with the ability to deliver faster value to their businesses and users – whether they are in the Cloud, On-Premises, or anywhere in between.

At Citrix we are focused on new ways to help our customers realize the maximum value from their Citrix investments and achieve their business objectives. This requires a new way of thinking and a new model for customer engagement, further linking our success to that of our customers. To that end, we designed and launched CSS, the kind of support that fixes what’s broken, but refuses to stop there. Whatever our customers’ needs, CSS gives them the support that’s been designed to help them succeed.

These achievements follow Citrix Technical Support earning the “Outstanding Assisted Global Support” certification from TSIA. This triad of successes further validates our commitment to deliver the highest standard of service to our customers. We are excited to share this honor with our partners, customers and industry analysts whose partnerships and valuable insights continually helps us rise and reach for the stars!