Fairview Health Services Boosts Productivity, Improves Patient Care with Citrix Unified, Secure Access to Apps and Data

IT executives are juggling a dizzying array of initiatives and priorities these days. The shift to the cloud and SaaS. A seemingly endless expansion of end points and platforms. Increasingly stringent security and compliance requirements. The list of what must be secured and managed goes on and on.

Increasingly, IT executives are summing up this challenge with one word: complexity. The evidence:

  • The latest IDC CloudView Research found that 82 percent of IT leaders believe their companies’ cloud adoption ambitions are being hindered by increased complexity.
  • An equal percentage of the 4,200 IT, security, and business executives participating in the Citrix-Ponemon Institute Global Cybersecurity Study earlier this year reported that organizational and IT complexity were putting their companies at greater risk.

Nowhere is finding a cure for IT complexity more critical than in the healthcare sector. Reliable application delivery is not only essential for making physicians, nurses, and administrators productive but also vital for delivering quality care to patients in need. And regulations from HIPPA to the Affordable Care Act are putting board-level priority on securing digital patient information.

That’s why the Top 10 largest healthcare organizations in the US rely on Citrix to securely deliver core clinical applications, desktops, and patient information when and where it’s needed. One of those organizations is Fairview Health Services, a network of hospitals and clinics throughout the State of Minnesota. How are they doing it? By using XenDesktop, XenMobile and XenApp as their single sign-on delivery system and using Netscaler for load balancing to ensure reliable access to those services.

In this installment of the Citrix 100 Days of Customers video series, Fairview Health Services Senior Citrix Engineer Shahid Iqbal shares how clinicians have become more productive and improved patient care with Citrix single-sign-on access to applications and desktops.