The world of work is being transformed before our eyes, and while a lot of attention has focused on technology change, we’re seeing a tectonic shift in the workforce, as well. As more and more Baby Boomers retire, we’re seeing an influx of Millennials and Digital Natives. While questions abound about how this new generation will affect corporate culture, these younger employees share one defining characteristic — they embrace technology and aren’t afraid to try new apps and tools.

Many of the most ambitious new employees have grown up in a world that is constantly connected, where they have access to the latest innovations. They come to work expecting to use their favorite tools, which make it easier to collaborate inside and outside of the office.

On one hand, business success in the future will belong to those organizations that are able to harness the ambition, creativity, and sheer energy of this new generation entering the workforce. On the other hand, businesses must make sure new tools, processes, and applications are secure, and do not put the organization at risk from cybersecurity threats, or violate industry or government regulations.


So, how can you give this new generation the tools, the processes and the services needed to harness their energy and enthusiasm without compromising security, and putting the entire organization at risk? Is it humanly possible to balance these seemingly conflicting agendas?

We need a superhero with a vision for the future, who is able to:

  • Provide secure access to the powerful new apps, devices and services that inspire digital natives and harness their energy, creativity and enthusiasm
  • Streamline business processes and workflows to fuel productivity
  • Use data, analytics and artificial intelligence to run the business smarter and more efficiently

Can you learn how to be a Future of Work superhero who can balance the needs of your future workforce with the operational and security needs of your organization? Can you position your business for long-term success?

Stop by the Citrix VMworld booth (#1307) and we’ll show you how you can be a Future of Work superhero.

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