As a member of the Cloud Services team at Citrix, I hear a lot of questions about Citrix Cloud and Citrix Cloud services. After Citrix Synergy, the most common questions have been around the Citrix secure digital workspace. I’ve been collaborating with my Cloud Services colleagues Ken Oestreich and Steve Wilson on a fantastic webinar to help address these questions – I think you’ll find it to be very interesting. They’ll help you sort out how to make adopting cloud services part of your strategy for the future, and you’ll learn about the concepts of the Citrix secure digital workspace.

Simplifying IT: Adopting a Secure Digital Workspace (Blog updated 8/11/17 with on-demand webinar link)

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Citrix secure digital workspace – the embodiment of Citrix

IT departments need to securely deliver apps and data to their employees in a world that is becoming more mobile and more dependent on cloud services – on any device, in any location, from any cloud. We can help you do this through the Citrix secure digital workspace.


Here are the components of the Citrix secure digital workspace:

  • The Citrix workspace experience: By eliminating the fragmented way in which users access their applications and data – and instead provide them with secure, single sign-on – your users free up time to be more productive and spend less time seeking helpdesk support. For the IT administrator, the Citrix workspace experience helps you to combat the challenges caused by cloud service sprawl (take a look at this infographic for more information on cloud service sprawl). You gain more control as the need to support multiple systems is eliminated, and you are able to securely aggregate, deploy and manage all apps, cloud services, network and identity services into one control plane. 
  • Software-defined perimeter: In a digital world where people move across varied locations and security domains, the Citrix Software-Defined Perimeter is a critical component of secure digital workspaces. It provides you with a continuous, consistent security posture, adapting to new devices, user behaviors, networks, and service sources. This is unlike competitive point-products, which are unable to offer multiple vantage points or enforcement actions across multiple apps, networks and devices.
  • Security and performance analytics: Here we combine the power of NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS), which monitors network traffic, with advanced user and entity behavior detection, insights, and proactive risk resolution capabilities via Citrix Analytics service (CAS) analytics. Both serve to help you track and analyze security, behavior, user performance/experience, connected devices, networking, and data use. 

How you can buy the Citrix Secure Digital Workspace

You can get the Citrix secure digital workspace by purchasing the Citrix Workspace Service, powered by Citrix Cloud. Citrix Cloud simplifies management of the Citrix technologies portfolio contained within the Citrix Workspace Service. Unify virtual apps, desktops, data, device management, and networking on any cloud or infrastructure. This integrated approach gives you the simplest way to securely create and deliver digital workspaces and gain a view into actionable insights.

Join us on August 3 to take a deeper dive into the Citrix secure digital workspace.

Simplifying IT: Adopting a Secure Digital Workspace (Blog updated 8/11/17 with on-demand webinar link)

Click to watch on-demand webinar today


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