Cyber security is all about managing and reducing your business risk. Not only the overall risk of damage to your brand, but also the risks associated with losing customers, revenue, and experiencing decreased employee productivity due to unresponsive applications. Increasing your application and network security efficacy can minimize all these  business risks.

How do you Increase your Security Efficacy? Simply stated, the answer is to:

  1. Defend against as many attacks as possible
  2. Identify the attacks that get through as quickly as possible
  3. Respond to these attacks effectively

A large number of NetScaler customers are already managing their business risk by increasing their application and network security efficacy with the NetScaler Security Solution:

  • The existing NetScaler Security portfolio enables a strong defense against web application attacks, multi-vector DDoS threat vectors, and provides secure access to apps anywhere with industry’s highest performing and highest security efficacy Web Application Firewall (WAF), a comprehensive multi-vector DDoS threat protection solution, and a market leading NetScaler Unified Gateway solution for single-sign-on to all on-prem, cloud and SaaS apps.
  • NetScaler Security Insight, Gateway Insight, and SSL Insight solutions, all part of NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NetScaler MAS) helps identify attacks rapidly and effectively.
  • Finally NetScaler MAS dynamic provides policy updates and automated web app vulnerability patching providing an effective response to attacks.

So, how are we improving and enhancing the NetScaler Security Solution in Release 12.0?


In the NetScaler 12.0 Security Solution, we have strengthened our security portfolio further with new innovations:

  • NetScaler can uncover attacks hiding in encrypted traffic with the new NetScaler Secure Web Gateway Solution (SWG) 
  • NetScaler User Behavior Analytics can identify insider threats
  • The addition of new and stronger ciphers to our SSL security suite across all NetScaler platforms to keep up with more stringent compliance and security requirements.

The new NetScaler Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution provides visibility and control for encrypted traffic with leading industry performance and smart URL filtering that provides real-time protection against malicious websites, which blocks access to malware, spam, and phishing sites along with Industry leading website categorization. With the NetScaler SWG solution, customers can now offload URL and content filtering for encrypted traffic and avoid expensive upgrades to their dedicated security deployments.  In addition, this solution helps customers meet compliance requirements like CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act).

One of the biggest concerns for security professionals is insider data breaches. Employees can easily click on malvertising ads, malicious links contained in phishing emails or visit websites that download malware or ransomware. Third-party adverts can be blocked and end users can be prevented from visiting websites known to contain malware. Websites can also be blocked by category to prevent end users from engaging in a risky online behavior. NetScaler SWG is an excellent defense against malicious threats and ransomware.

New Advanced User Behavior Security Analytics

This solution in NetScaler MAS leverages multiple machine learning algorithms and provides context aware security analytics, to identify compromised insider credentials and prevents data breaches to sensitive corporate data.

New Ciphers and Hybrid SSL support

We continue to add newer ciphers to our SSL security suite across all NetScaler platforms. With our hybrid SSL, now customers can achieve significant hardware and software SSL performance improvement. For example, customers can achieve almost 800% ECDHE transactions per second (TPS) hardware improvement on their 115xxx series. With Hybrid FIPS, customers can increase the SSL throughput and SSL TPS by leveraging non-FIPS cards along with the FIPS card.

With our latest additions into NetScaler Security portfolio, we continue to help our customers increase their Security Efficacy!

If you are attending Citrix Synergy 2017 in Orlando, consider attending the Security keynote and NetScaler security sessions to learn more and check out some of the security demos at the demo stations at Synergy.

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