We hear first-hand from our customers how digital transformation is impacting everyone, providing fresh ideas, new opportunities, and added complexities for employees and IT. Citrix is investing in digital technology innovations to help our customers, no matter where they are on their digital transformation journey. Citrix helps reimagine work, making it easier for employees to productively and easily engage with the apps and data within a workspace, and making it simpler for IT to deploy and manage the modern digital workspace.

And at Citrix Synergy 2017 we invite you to come experience this future of work for yourselves. Introducing the Citrix Workspace Experience Center.

The Workspace Experience Center will be front and center at the Citrix Booth Experience, showcasing immersive workspace environments which illustrate how digital workspaces can dynamically adapt to the needs of the workforce.

Just what can you expect at the Workspace Experience Center? Three different digital workspace experiences highlighting different ways that Citrix users can interact with digital workspaces to gain fast and seamless access to apps, data and information when and where the user needs it.

Sound exciting? Let’s take an even closer look at some of the interactive experiences you can encounter:

Workspace Experience Center: Smarter Health Spaces

We know from talking to our healthcare customers that health care clinicians spend several minutes per patient per day searching for patient information, searching for medical equipment, inputting patient data. That is time often spent with technology, and not with patients. Now imagine you are a doctor or a nurse entering a healthcare environment. Your presence is immediately recognized as you enter the space and, at that moment, your digital workspace is at your fingertips. You are welcomed by name, your desktops, apps, and relevant patient records for the day are prepared and waiting as you enter a space. You no longer wait for your desktops to load or your applications to launch. Simply by entering the space to visit a patient, your presence signals the process that automatically orchestrates the display of relevant patient information based on smart devices in the room. Moving from patient space to patient space is easy as you screencast your Citrix session from devices to screens. A quick look at a map of your facility provides a detailed look at medical equipment and devices in use throughout the building in case you need to find additional tools and equipment not currently in your vicinity. The Citrix digital workspace ensures everything you need is available for you.

Workspace Experience Center: Smarter Offices

How can a traditional office space become smarter? Here’s a scenario where most people can relate.  Imagine you telecommutes for work part-time and come into your office occasionally. When you arrive at the office, you are greeted by name and pointed visually to an open office available for you to use that day. By the time you walk to your assigned open office, your Citrix session is not only up and waiting for you, but contextual actions relating to your role, your schedule, your location and your environment appear for you to interact with. This allows you to dim the lights in your office or navigate directly to a specific record or file within an application based on your schedule for the day. And when it’s time to engage with and collaborate with your co-workers, Citrix services can point you to the nearest available collaboration space. When entering that space you can reserve and host an interactive meeting with your onsite and remote co-workers with the simple push of a button as well as share content to a screen in the space without having to fumble with any cables. Everything just works!

Workspace Experience Center: Red Bull Racing

Speed is everything. How do you make every millisecond count? Citrix has the answers. Visit the Red Bull Racing Workspace Experience Center environment in the Citrix Booth Experience to see how this incredible Formula 1 team uses Citrix technology in their amazingly fast-paced world. Come and see the race car up close, listen to the Red Bull Racing team members explain their everyday work and even take a spin around a track with our Citrix-powered race simulator. You will also experience Citrix Virtualized Virtual Reality (V2R) and see the world in a whole new way. This is the future of work.

Reimagine Work at the Workspace Experience Center:

Each of these experiences showcases Citrix innovation at work tied to core Citrix products and services, along with exciting new concepts such as the Citrix Workspace Hub and Citrix Workspace IoT.

This center provides a snapshot of the what’s possible in the future – where technologies such as AI, VR and IoT will be key components of a flexible architecture enabling workspaces to adapt and orchestrate the interaction of apps, data, devices and things, and where users are empowered within their workspaces to do what they want to do well.

Empowering people to be more productive and more efficient is the experience we want to share at the Citrix Workspace Experience Center, come explore the future of work with us!

Want to learn more about how Workspace IoT will be an enabler for the Future of Work? Be sure to attend the SYN131: Citrix Workspace IoT Breakout session Wednesday May 24th at 2:45pm