I’m excited to tell you that Citrix Workspace IoT will be front and center at Citrix Synergy 2017 in its full regalia. We’ll have demos and in-depth discussions across multiple sessions about what it means for the Future of Work. For many of you, I’m sure the question on your minds is: just what exactly is Workspace IoT?

Last year, we began to lay out our vision for Workspace IoT, which continues to grow. In the simplest terms, Citrix Workspace IoT helps make Citrix Workspaces smarter by leveraging user, device, and location context within the workspace. The role that the Internet of Things (IoT) plays here is critical, as it makes technology – in use by the Enterprise and within workspaces – less complex and more transparent for users. This empowers Citrix users to more easily interact with the apps, data, and devices in use within their workspaces. This definition for Workspace IoT ties directly into how we see IoT evolving as an enabler of digital transformation for the Enterprise.

I hear what you’re saying. “That’s all well and good, Chris, but what exactly does that mean for us? How does this directly tie to Citrix products and services?”

We’ll answer these questions – and lots more – at Citrix Synergy 2017 in Orlando, May 24-26. We’ll give you all the details about Citrix Workspace IoT and let you know what’s coming down the pike.

There is one session in particular that I encourage everyone to attend:

SYN131: Citrix Workspace IoT

Wednesday May 24th at 2:45pm

In this session, Chris Witeck and Chris Matthieu will define Citrix Workspace IoT and what it means to our customers. They will also provide specific examples of where Citrix is looking to embed Workspace IoT into existing Citrix products, as well as potential new services. They will describe how context-aware workspaces add value to Citrix users and demonstrate how organizations can make any space with a screen smarter, to facilitate easy collaboration across multiple offices and with remote employees. Attendees will also learn how Citrix Workspace Hub and Citrix Octoblu fit into the Citrix Workspace IoT vision.

Experience Workspace IoT at Citrix Synergy 2017

In addition to the Workspace IoT breakout session, we invite all attendees to head to the Workspace Experience Center that is part of the Citrix Booth Experience. Here, Synergy attendees can experience first-hand demonstrations powered by Workspace IoT and directly engage to see a smarter collaboration space. They can also walkthrough a healthcare scenario and see how Workspace IoT directly enhances user workflows.

There is a lot going on with Workspace IoT at Citrix, and we intend to demonstrate that Workspace IoT is much more than just the ‘smart this’ and ‘smart that’ IoT hype, but an enabler for making digital transformation real and possible. By solving real business challenges by making it easier for apps, data, devices, and things to interact with each other and with any user within a workspace. By helping all of embracing technology to empower us to do what we want to do well, and less time using technology because we have to. And by helping all of us make better and more efficient usage of our most scarce resource of all: our time. This is our Workspace IoT story, and we will be sharing and showcasing our Workspace IoT story at Synergy this year. Come join us!

If you’re unable to make it to the Citrix Workspace IoT breakout session, there are plenty of learning opportunities for you to consider:

SYN401: Fireside chat with IoT experts about automating Citrix with Octoblu — Wednesday, May 24th at 4pm

Octoblu, the Citrix IoT automation and integration platform, can enable automation of a wide variety of workflows across the Xen family. Learn how to create rich user experiences by integrating with external devices and services such as text messaging, instant messaging, and even voice control.

LAB608: Workspace IoT Makerspace — Sunday, May 21st at 12pm

This hands-on makerspace will showcase how Citrix Workspace IoT simplifies how your users interact with your apps, data, devices and things. We will also provide a detailed demonstration of how you can leverage Workspace IoT to simplify and automate any meeting room, making it easy to turn any space into a collaborative space for your organization. Note, this is a Synergy preconference session, separate registration is required. More capacity has been added!

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