Secure mobile email just became even more powerful and convenient. We’ve recently added support for the ActiveSync 16 protocol to Secure Mail version 10.5.5.

ActiveSync 16 is the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile optimized protocol, which adds support for several highly-requested features:

  • Saving draft emails to the server that are created on the mobile device.
  • Being able to view attachments inside calendar events.
  • The ability to propose new times for meeting invitations.

The calendar attachments feature is now available in Secure Mail version 10.5.5 to all users on Exchange 2016 and Office 365. This feature is available to all new installations of Secure Mail.

Calendar attachment support enables mobile workflows

Calendar attachments provides the ability to view attachments contained inside calendar events in Secure Mail. This opens up several previously unavailable workflows for mobile users who need access to documents and other files that are stored inside their calendar. It’s common for meeting organizers to include attachments relevant to a meeting inside the meeting invitation. The ability to view these attachments now enables these workflows.

Some examples of how calendar attachments enable mobile workflows:

  • Dialing into meetings and being able to view the documents that are being discussed in the meeting.
  • Being able to review documents prior to joining a meeting.
  • Having flight itineraries attached to travel reservations.

Offline attachments and ShareFile support

Attachments that are included in meeting events can be saved offline in the same way that you can save emailed attachments. These attachments can then be preserved even when the meeting has been removed from the calendar if required. This functionality is subject to the same administrator-defined attachments policies that apply to emailed attachments.

Additionally, while viewing attachments from the calendar, you can save your files and documents to ShareFile in the same way you can when opening attachments in email messages.

Storage requirements and recurring meetings

Recurring meetings that contain attachments share a single copy of the attachment. This means that, regardless of the event instance the user opens, if the attachment has already been downloaded, it’ll be instantly available. Calendar attachments are also automatically downloaded on Wi-Fi connections if you have enabled that option, making them available when you need them.

Let us know what you think!

We’re very interested in getting your feedback about new features, and calendar attachments is no exception. You can send us feedback right from within Secure Mail. If you have any suggestions, ideas or any other feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

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