By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term Internet of Things (or IoT, for short), right?

It’s the fourth industrial revolution that drives and fuels the digital transformation we’re part of today. The Internet of Things is securely connecting people, organizations, and things to make the extraordinary possible! Or… is it an overhyped term where minimally viable-products are connected to the internet and pose a risk to our human existence? Are we building Skynet?!

Yes! All of the above.

We’ve invited some of the best IoT experts at Citrix Synergy and scheduled a full hour for you to learn from them. Together with James Bulpin, I’ll have a cozy “fireside chat” where we’ll talk about automating and integrating Citrix products with, for example, voice-controlled systems using Octoblu, Citrix’ IoT automation and integration platform.

Joined by Chris Mathieu, Director of IoT Engineering and Chris Witeck, Technology Strategist, we’ll talk about the industry trends and possibilities for you and your organisation. The most significant change we’ll address is the introduction of IoT in the workspace. We’re redefining IT into Information Integration Technology.

We’ll demonstrate integrations in our own products too. XenServer? Definitely! XenDesktop? XenMobile? ShareFile? NetScaler? Sure! Together with some of our most valued Citrix Technology Professionals (CTP) we’ll share real-world possibilities and provide honest answers.

During the chat (SYN401), we’ll not only inform you what all the buzz is about, but also let you join the conversation and share your thoughts with some of the leading experts in this field. If you have an opinion about IoT or want to know how IoT relates to your desktop, meeting room, or XenServer host… come to Synergy Park on May 24th at 4:00pm and join us!

Integration of systems often results in complexity instead of simplification. When we have simplification as a goal in mind, integration is key.