Citrix Synergy 2017 Orlando is fast approaching. While the core of the conference activities run May 23-25, there are also fantastic activities that get occur before the main show starts. One of these pre-conference activities is the Citrix Synergy Learning Labs. These hands-on sessions give you a chance to get your hands dirty, digging deep into Citrix technology with access to Citrix resources to help you along.


At the Learning Labs this year, I want to draw your attention to a something entirely new and unique: the first ever Workspace IoT Makerspace. For those of you unfamiliar with makerspaces, traditionally they are collaboration spaces often found in schools, libraries, or some sort of teamwork space that provides broad access to the young and to the old. And the goal of a makerspace is to provide a space for learning about some sort of technology (high tech or basic tech), and then using that technology to make something tangible with your own hands. Given how easily the Internet of Things (IoT) lends itself to small things and gadgets, IoT and makerspaces often go hand in hand.

We thought a makerspace would be the perfect way to allow Citrix customers to get hands on experience with Workspace IoT. We have, in previous blog posts and articles, defined Citrix Workspace IoT as a mechanism to connect Citrix Workspaces with the apps, data, devices, things and people that exist within the digital business. Our first Workspace IoT makerspace will immerse you right into that intersection of apps, data, devices and things within the digital business context. We will have a variety of ‘things’ on hand, and we will start the makerspace detailing how you can use the Citrix Octoblu IoT platform to integrate every day web apps and things together, progressing to how you can build your own smart collaborative/meeting space.

img_3021Best of all, you don’t need any experience coding or wiring things together to participate. What kind of prerequisite, then, is needed? Curiosity is the main prerequisite, and perhaps if you ever used your Lego set as a child to set to build custom X-Wing fighters or castles as a kid then you will fit right in (I just dated myself right there). People often dwell too much on the tech behind IoT, but in reality IoT is about integrating things together, physical and virtual. And our first Workspace IoT maker space is a perfect way to immerse yourself into this reality.

When registering for the Citrix Synergy Learning Labs, look for LAB608: Workspace IoT makerspace, happening Sunday, May 21st at 12pm.

Interested in signing up? This does require a reservation so sign up now to save a seat. When registering for the Citrix Synergy Learning Labs, look for LAB608: Workspace IoT makerspace, happening Sunday, May 21st at 12pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Can’t make the preconference sessions? Don’t fret as we have additional Workspace IoT learning opportunities for you to attend:

SYN131: Citrix Workspace IoT — Wednesday, May 24th at 2:45pm

This session will take a closer look at how Citrix Workspace IoT will help to optimize Citrix workspaces for the IoT wave of devices and things that will be exchanging information with apps and users across the entire organization. Learn about some of the initial Workspace IoT features and services that will be available in 2017, including how to make your meeting and collaborative spaces smarter.

SYN401Fireside chat with IoT experts about automating Citrix with Octoblu — Wednesday, May 24th at 4pm

Octoblu, the Citrix IoT automation and integration platform, can enable automation of a wide variety of workflows across the Xen family. Learn how to create rich user experiences by integrating with external devices and services such as text messaging, instant messaging, and even voice control.