These days, there are lots of news items about this kind of electronic theft. Banks are getting hacked via various entry points, including web and mobile apps, and also via internal systems, through which attackers can gain access to funds electronically. In addition to the more familiar variations of malware, such as Trojan horse and ransomware, targeted attacks using custom malware have become a powerful weapon of choice in recent years.

IT professionals in banking and financial services cannot afford to let their guard down for even a nanosecond. To that end, Citrix is sharing its security approach and solution for banks in an upcoming webinar on April 13, 2017 at noon ET/9 a.m. PT. In this webinar, Stop the Heist: Prevent Malware from Ruining your Bank, our speakers Tom Gamull, Citrix Technology Professional and Florin Lazurca, Senior Marketing Manager for Security/Technical Security Strategist at Citrix, will talk about the following topics:

  • The common malware attacks you should be aware of;
  • The guiding principles to fortify your systems; and
  • How to protect your systems with Citrix architecture and solution.


Meet our speakers!

Tom Gamull started his first IT job working with Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 and hasn’t looked back. Today, he is a Solutions Architect at Red Hat in Atlanta. His role encompasses many technologies, but focuses largely on Virtualization, Linux, OpenStack, Ceph, OpenShift (containers) and JBoss. Tom’s expertise includes security and managing complex projects utilizing agile, DevOps and CI/CD in financial services, education, healthcare, government, retail, and networking/telcom industries.

Previously, he worked for Ericsson and Presidio, focusing on virtualization and data center technologies. He was a Synergy speaker from 2013 to 2015; a Cisco Live presenter in 2014; and the orchestrator of numerous engineering and customer events. Tom, a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) is certified as a CCE for Apps and Desktops and a CCP for Netscaler and Mobility. Read his blog at or follow him on Twitter @MagicalYak.

Florin Lazurca, senior technical marketing manager for security/technical security strategist at Citrix, drives technical direction for solutions that enhance user experience, flexibility, and security. His background also includes tenure as an Information Technology Architect in network optimization, virtualization, and security. He was most recently responsible for managing a team of network and security systems engineers to protect networks, applications, and data for diverse companies and organizations. Florin is passionate about Information Systems Security, and has amassed a wide range of knowledge about security tools, technologies, and best practices throughout his career.

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