So, the end-of-life date for XenMobile 9 — June 30 — is fast approaching and you haven’t moved to XenMobile 10 yet?

No worries. Citrix is ready to help you transition your legacy XenMobile 9 on-premises deployment to a Citrix Cloud deployment of XenMobile 10. Once there, you will have a highly secure, capable, scalable and performant mobility experience. XenMobile Service is a cloud-based solution hosted and managed by Citrix. This means we take care of tasks like server updates and proactively monitoring all the infrastructure. We also manage XenMobile backup and disaster recovery and have SLAs for your XenMobile Service deployment.

Why XenMobile Service from Citrix Cloud?

  • Faster deployment – Hours instead of days.
  • No upfront costs – Minimal to no infrastructure.
  • Peace of mind – 99.9% uptime.
  • Predictable budget.
  • OpEx – Pay and get value as you go.
  • No hard cut-over. Run your current XenMobile 9 system in parallel while transitioning to the cloud – and take up to 2 years to do this.
  • Citrix Cloud and XenMobile Rapid Deployment teams will help to ensure success with the transition.
  • Citrix offers very attractive transition pricing to preserve your investment in your current XenMobile 9 software

Here are some of the features/capabilities you gain with XenMobile 10. Each XenMobile 10 Edition and Service has additional features that weren’t available for XenMobile 9. Although there was an App Store, an MDM console and a separate MAM console, XenMobile 10 replaces these with the newly redesigned “Enterprise App Store” and a single, integrated MDM/MAM Admin Console. Citrix SmartAccess is now included for all Editions and Services, and the Advanced and Premium Services now include additional XenMobile Secure Apps and dual NetScaler VPX 3000s providing micro-VPN functionality – which means no more networking hardware to buy. For the full list of features and capabilities for each service, see the XenMobile datasheet in the XenMobile resource library on

There are four steps in transitioning your existing deployment to the Citrix Cloud with XenMobile Service:

  1. Analyze existing XenMobile 9 on-premises deployment
  2. Prepare XenMobile 10 cloud environment and transition plan
  3. Transition existing XenMobile 9 on-premises users to XenMobile 10 cloud environment
  4. Retire XenMobile 9 on-premises environment

You can run your XenMobile 9 system in parallel with your XenMobile 10 Service for 2 years, which gives you plenty of time to transition your users to the cloud. At the end of 2 years though, you must rescind your XenMobile 9 licenses.


You won’t be transitioning on your own. Citrix will be with you every step of the way.

  • Citrix Consulting Services and the XenMobile Rapid Deployment Team will evaluate current status, suggested transition paths and review any potential limitations and requirements. Consulting Services also offers some fee-based options to speed your transition, including fixed price XenMobile Quick Start engagements for up to 2,500 users.
  • The Rapid Deployment Team will handhold your IT folks during the Enterprise Connectivity configuration process. They will deploy a new XenMobile instance leveraging the proven Citrix Cloud best practices, and will continue to handhold your IT folks throughout the engagement until the XenMobile instance is provisioned, enterprise connectivity established, and the first test enrollments have been completed.
  • The Citrix Cloud Adoption team will engage to provide help and support with the end-user communication needed for the transition from your existing XenMobile on-premises environment to the new XenMobile cloud environment.

We also have a range of resources, documentation, training and support for XenMobile deployment.

XenMobile Resources and Documentation

XenMobile Training from Citrix Education

XenMobile Citrix Education page:

XenMobile Support

If you have questions or need support for XenMobile, there are lots of places you can go, such as Citrix Support (, your reseller, the Citrix User Group Community ( and Twitter (@XenMobile).

It’s easy to get started with XenMobile No cost, no commitments

I recommend that you start by talking to a XenMobile expert. They’re here to help answer any questions you have, from technical details to purchasing options. You can contact Citrix directly or contact one of our local partners.

  • Request a call – To speak with us immediately, call us at 1 800 905 6176 or, click here to simply fill out the Request a Call form and a XenMobile expert will contact you shortly.
  • Contact a partner – Use our Partner Locator tool to find a Citrix-certified company in your area: Find a local partner

XenMobile 9 reaches its End-of-Life on June 30th, so don’t delay.  Contact your local Sales rep today and move up to XenMobile 10