A wonderful world of Healthcare IT magic awaits inside HIMSS17 & Citrix Booth #2623!

Imagine an enchanting Florida location. Picture whimsically themed characters who sing and dance and shower you with giveaways. Add a soundtrack that morphs with every ten steps you take.

You might think we’re talking about a famous Orlando attraction (we’re not). We’re describing a high-end healthcare-specific playground for people like you: informaticists, IT leaders, clinicians, and purveyors of IT solutions. It’s HIMSS17. The location is Orlando Orange County Convention Center and the dates are February 19 – February 23.

It’s HIMSS17. The location is Orlando Orange County Convention Center and the dates are February 19 – February 23.

Once inside, you’ll want to carefully plan the destinations you visit. A must-see spot is the Land of Incremental Improvements (read: The vision you have for your healthcare environment is to make strides in a specific area such as mobility, security, efficient workflows or a cloud solution). Maybe Digital Dreamland is on your radar screen (read: this is a place where you can learn how to implement a complete digital workspace).

At HIMSS17, both roads lead to the same place: Citrix Booth #2623, where you’ll discover six technology destinations tucked into one exhibit. Here’s a quick overview:

Robust network access for clinics

If you’ve been struggling with securely providing Patient Health Information (PHI) to affiliates, managing multiple clinic locations, or ensuring business continuity, stop here. We’ll help you understand the built-in security that is at the heart of all Citrix Solutions for Healthcare and we’ll describe the consistent end user experience you’ll be able to offer. Also, if SD-WAN needs to be more than a buzz word for you, you can learn more here. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with experts who can show you the ins and outs of Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Virtual WAN and Citrix Workspace Suite.

Innovative automated workflows

Do you think a lot about the future? Is “dream big or go home” your mantra? Do you envision a healthcare environment in which every desktop is enabled with a low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) app delivery endpoint? Then this destination is for you.

Let’s say you like the idea of context-aware devices that save your clinicians time as they roam from room to room in the hospital. You’re all for unobtrusive data collection and implementing better, more efficient workflows, too. By all means, learn about Citrix Workspace Hub, Octoblu and Citrix X1 Mouse at this demo station.

Seamless clinician mobility

Let’s say you’re in the early stages of implementing your mobility strategy. This demo highlights how a centralized IT approach enables IT leaders to deploy Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM). It also highlights Citrix security controls that are transparent to the user, yet crucial in safeguarding the enterprise and the consistent native-like experience users get regardless of their endpoint device. Citrix Workspace Suite and Citrix XenMobile are highlighted here.

Secure sharing of patient information

Secure file sync and sharing is one aspect of mobility that is crucial in healthcare. Mobile clinicians and healthcare professionals must be able to manage Patient Health Information (PHI) in a way that ensures privacy, but doesn’t impede productivity. This demo shows how you can safely send files back and forth without compromising security. Discover the benefits of Citrix Sharefile and Citrix Workspace Suite when you visit.

Real-time access to records

If you’d like to understand how Citrix Solutions for Healthcare are the foundation for a “typical day in the life” of a clinician, visit this demo station. It begins just as a typical workday starts, with access to an EMR through tap and go technology. The demo continues with the kinds of technologies that would be used throughout the day — smooth roaming, seamless continuous sessions, WorxMail integration and more. Visit this area to learn about Citrix Workspace SuiteXenApp & XenDesktop.

Health IT optimized with cloud

For those at any phase on the journey to cloud, this is area is a must-see. Maybe a major migration is on the horizon for you, or you’re thinking of deploying applications on Citrix HDX Pi devices. Or perhaps you’re on the front lines when it comes to complex initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions or designing deployment models. Reducing costs throughout your enterprise may be your laser focus point. If so, visit this demo station to see Citrix Workspace Suite, Citrix NetScaler, Citrix Cloud or Raspberry Pi technology. And there’s one more thing: you won’t want to miss how you can reduce costs and increase efficiency with secure Citrix cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure.

In addition to the demonstration areas, make sure to visit two different theatre venues; the first is the Citrix Theatre. Citrix partners will present information about joint solutions. Microsoft, Nutanix, Pure Storage, Intel, ThinPrint, IGel and others will be among them .

The second venue is Microsoft’s Innovation Theatre at Booth #2509. Two Citrix experts, Christian Boucher, Director, Healthcare Solutions, and Manu Chauhan, Director, Product Management, will present “Citrix and Microsoft: Making the Healthcare Cloud Simpler and Faster” there.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at HIMSS17, Booth #2623. Meanwhile, join the ongoing dialogue about digital workspaces: