Everyone needs a business-grade online meeting tool in today’s distributed and mobile world. For those teams and small businesses that are ready to start collaborating online in HD but not quite ready to invest in a full-featured conferencing service, we’ve created GoToMeeting Essentials, a simple, built-for-business web conferencing app starting at $19 a month for unlimited use.

GoToMeeting Essentials provides the same quality audio, HDFaces video and screen sharing features found in our award-winning GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar offerings but designed for small team meetings with up to six participants. It is an affordable way to reduce travel for business meetings, move work forward faster (e.g, sales and client engagement, project management, HR and recruiting, to name a few) and stay connected with your geographically distributed and mobile teams.

GoToMeeting Essentials provides you with:

  • High-definition video, phone conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities
  • Accessibility on desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and other calendar and instant-messaging tools

Additionally, there is no cost to try out GoToMeeting Essentials. As with all Citrix collaboration and data sharing tools, we give you 30 days to test drive it and see how it can help you achieve greatness.*

Get started with GoToMeeting Essentials and see how you can bring your team closer together.

*If test driving is not enough, we offer Citrix sales and support, customer communities and a library of resources to help you find the right tools to meet your needs.