This post was co-authored by Johnathan Campos, Sr. Product Marketing Manager.

Summer is full steam ahead and so are the features rolling out for Android Enterprise on Citrix Endpoint Management.

When it comes to providing access to applications, admins are looking for flexibility and options. We’re providing exactly that with two new features we’re rolling out with Android Enterprise:

  • Enable all apps on a managed Play store
  • Enable system apps

Let’s take a look at each feature.

Enable All Apps in a Managed Play Store

Admins now have the flexibility to allow end-users access to all apps on a managed Play store. With this feature enabled, end users can see all apps in the managed Play store and can install any app they want on their device. This feature is applicable in both modes – Fully Managed or Work Profile. Admins can enable all apps and blacklist the ones they don’t want end users to install on their device.

How Is it Configured?

  • Search for “all apps” under server properties
  • Select “Access all apps in the managed Google Play Store.” Edit and change the value from false to true and save.

To restrict/blacklist the install of any app, admins can disable them under the Restriction Policy.

Check out this short demo.

Enable System Apps

This feature is all about having the flexibility to manage apps for your end users. When you enroll your device in Android Enterprise Fully Managed or Work Profile mode, the system apps provided by OEMs are not present. These include apps like Samsung Camera, Gallery, and others. They aren’t always available in a managed Play store, so admins cannot even approve them for an end-user’s devices.

Citrix Endpoint Management now makes it possible for admins to enable these apps for end users with a simple configuration.

Just create a new or edit an existing Restrictions policy and toggle on “Enable System Apps” option. Once you do that, you can enter the package name for the system apps you want to enable. Apply the policy, and when the end user refreshes, they’ll see the system app on their device.

Check out these demos, which compare a device with and without System Apps enabled:

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Android Enterprise on Citrix Endpoint Management provides admins with the flexibility to handle different uses cases as the manage their Android endpoints. If you are still on the legacy Device Admin mode, migrate to Android Enterprise and take advantage of these features.