The Citrix Workspace app is hard at work to continue to deliver new features and benefits within Workspace app. In order to optimize user experience forCitrix Workspace app for Android, it is recommended to be on the latest version of Android OS.

With that said, it is important to note that our support for older versions of Android OS will conclude soon. We will support up to Android 6.0 OS version and later starting with our Workspace app for Android 1906 release. For my math people, this means that we will support n-4 Android OS version, where n is the latest Android OS version.

Users on an Android OS version below n-4 (i.e. n-5) will no longer receive new app updates through the Google Play Store, and our support team will not be able to troubleshoot/resolve issues for users on older versions of operating system. As per this policy with Workspace app for Android version 1907, we will support Android OS versions 6 to Android 9.

The deprecation of n-5 Android OS version will generally be done 6 months after the release of the new android OS version.  Once Android 10 (Q) is released, Citrix intends to deprecate Android 6 support sometime in the first quarter of 2020. This means next year Android 7 to Android 10 will be supported with workspace app for Android.

For those who would like to receive newer client updates, please update your Android devices to latest Android OS version.

If have an old version of Android running on your device that cannot be upgraded, you can continue to  use the older version of Workspace app that you have installed. However, you will not get official support from Citrix or new updates for the app.

We deeply appreciate our customer environments and deployments, that’s why we want you to have plenty of time to prepare for this shift. We hope this information is helpful in planning your Workspace app for Android app update.

We are happy to receive feedback. Please leave any feedback or questions in the comments below.

To learn more about the timelines for Workspace app public releases on all platforms, visit Workspace app release timeline page.