The typical enterprise uses more than 500 apps, and the quality of application experience is critical for employee engagement and customer satisfaction. That means that apps always need to be available on any device, anytime, and provide rich user experiences.

For IT admins to make that happen, they need a solution that provides visibility into application experience and enables fast, easy troubleshooting of application performance issues. Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) can deliver.

Citrix ADM provides complete visibility across application and ADC infrastructure with application and instance scores. It also delivers detailed web transaction logs, which enables visibility across SSL and HTTP parameters for each URL.

But what if you are using F5’s Big-IP solutions and your biggest concern is configuration migration?

We’ve made migration easy with the config migration tool. The tool converts the configuration in the F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and Global Traffic Manager modules, along with any iRules to corresponding Citrix ADC configurations.

Upload bigip.conf and the tool will provide options to download the Citrix ADC config. This makes the switch to Citrix ADC simple. Customers who convert find Citrix’s policies much simpler than F5’s iRules, which can be complex and difficult to troubleshoot or change.

Here’s an example where tens of lines of TCL scripting, required for the F5 iRule, is replaced with two lines of Citrix configuration.

For more details on moving from F5 to Citrix ADC/ADM and increasing your ability to troubleshoot application performance issues, reach out to your Citrix Sales rep today. And learn more about Citrix ADC and how you can get started with Citrix ADM.