Great employee experience starts with taking fewer steps to get important tasks done. Before we talk office ping pong or free Taco Tuesdays, effective tools for productivity must be in place. And in the pursuit of productivity, what’s more important than communication and collaboration?

With the 19.5.5 release of Citrix Secure Mail, we’re giving new users quicker access to Secure Mail. With managed apps under Microsoft Intune MDM + MAM mode, end users get single sign-on and skip the time-consuming log-in process to get to their important email. This happens behind the scenes when Secure Mail (whitelisted as a Microsoft approved app) connects with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Also in this release is something for the IT administrators — support for Slack EMM. The Slack EMM app is a separate version of the original that enables enterprise security controls. IT admins can enforce the use of Slack EMM with Secure Mail for greater security.

For more information about installing the Microsoft Authenticator app, visit the Microsoft documentation page. To learn how to set up Slack EMM, head to Slack’s workspace administration page. And check out the Secure Mail documentation page to stay up to date on all things Secure Mail.