Citrix knows it’s important for customers to have choice and ease of use as they make their hybrid multi-cloud journey. This week at Citrix Synergy 2019, we have introduced new capabilities to ensure you can deliver your applications effectively wherever and however you decide to deploy them.

Advanced Analytics: Simple, Intuitive Troubleshooting and Faster Issue Resolution

When you are developing and deploying new services for your customers, there is a real need to get to market quickly. End-to-end visibility is the first step to control. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t see. New functionality in Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) will enable you to take more efficient and intuitive control of your application troubleshooting. Advanced analytics builds on ADM functionality and adds detailed web transaction data and more complete ADC infrastructure information.

Citrix ADM is being supercharged with three new functionalities so you have better visibility and can troubleshoot problems faster:

  • Hybrid Multi Cloud Interactive Dashboard
  • Intuitive Global Service Graphs
  • Driven by AI and Machine Learning

The Hybrid Multi-Cloud Interactive Dashboard gives you the ability to visualize your complete application delivery portfolio in a single snapshot. The dashboard delivers unmatched value, categorizing your ADC instances by issue type. You can see all instances running low on memory or high on CPU usage across your on-premises, private, and public cloud deployment.

Intuitive Global Service Graphs offer complete end-to-end visibility of all aspects of application delivery from a single pane. This allows administrators to spot anomalies easily, wherever they occur — in the network, in the application, or with the end users. The interactive nature enables the admin to logically drill down to get to the root cause faster.

More data is no good without the ability to process and act on it. Advanced analytics will correlate multiple application and ADC-based performance indicators into ADM and use the power of machine learning to identify patterns and spot anomalies. This will help quantify all problems under single instance and app scores, which makes root cause analysis faster.

Advanced analytics is available as part of the Citrix Application Delivery Management v13 software.

Citrix ADC Service

For any business deploying workloads to clouds, rapid and easy deployment of ADC functionality is an absolute requirement. Otherwise you’re slowing business innovation and your competitors gain an advantage. Citrix ADC Service brings the ultimate in simplicity to enhance the delivery of your cloud-hosted applications. New from Citrix, with nothing to install or maintain, ADC Service provides easy to use, intent-driven configuration from Citrix Cloud and per app, consumption-based pricing.

The service offers intent-driven workflow with ease of use, consumption-based pricing, autoscale, and operational consistency. It brings predictable economics to IT with consumption based, per-app pricing and takes advantage of cloud elasticity through autoscaling.

Early customer trials of Citrix ADC Service are expected to be available for AWS-hosted applications in the second half of 2019. Stay tuned for more.

Citrix ADC BLX: Feature-Rich Citrix ADC as a Bare Metal Software Option

Citrix ADC BLX is a bare metal extension of the software-centric Citrix ADC portfolio that maintains the operational consistency you require across your hybrid multi-cloud environments. Now you can deploy Citrix ADC on Linux on the hardware of your choice without any hypervisor overhead. This is a feature-rich ADC with a low-memory footprint and operational consistency with your other Citrix ADCs. Citrix is the only vendor that supports all ADC form-factors — Virtual Machine (VPX), Container (CPX), Bare Metal (BLX), Physical (MPX), multi-tenant (SDX) and public cloud images. All can be managed with your existing ADM.

Citrix ADC BLX is available as part of the Citrix ADC subscription-based licensing programs (Pooled Capacity and vCPU).

For more details on these and other announcements, contact your Citrix sales rep.

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