A hybrid and multi-cloud approach offers flexible and responsive solutions to operational challenges as they emerge. It gives an organization choice, minimizes vendor lock-in, and provides more optimization opportunities. It empowers companies to realize the full promise of the cloud, offering flexibility to scale, improved performance, and reduced costs.

The diagram below shows how Citrix helps customers modernize workspace delivery and gain organizational agility, all the while taking advantage of the best of what each cloud-delivery model has to offer.

While organizations have many options to store data on a public or private cloud, the choice is no longer a simple. Distinct requirements need tailored solutions.

Hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds, virtually connecting private and public models to leverage the benefits of managed service while using existing IT infrastructure for critical privacy and security requirements. A hybrid solution enables your organization to store confidential data internally and access it via the applications running in the public cloud, closer to the end users. A hybrid cloud can dynamically scale with user needs, giving your organization additional flexibility, together with the opportunity to save capital on resources to manage the workload.

Multi-cloud is another option that benefits organizations with many divisions, each with unique storage and computing needs. Essentially, multi-cloud is the strategic use of multiple cloud services from one or more providers. A deliberate multi-cloud strategy distributes workload across services and allows you to prepare solutions and applications for optimal performance, flexibility, and efficiency.

As businesses move toward cloud computing, choosing the best delivery option based on various use cases, business and IT leaders have an obligation to adopt the best, tested and verified, products for their organizations to unlock the potential and productivity of their workforce.

Introducing the Citrix Ready Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Program

To help customers on their digital transformation journey, we’ve launched the Citrix Ready Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Program. Through this program, we help our technology partners to verify and validate their products with top public cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud.

The program helps you to:

  1. Make your purchasing decisions easy because the partner product is proven and validated by Citrix Ready.
  2. Have more choice, better experience, and greater security.
  3. Achieve progress towards digital transformation

Among our many partners who have signed up for the program are Flexxible IT and eG Innovations.

Citrix and Flexxible IT offer a complete hybrid-cloud solution for your digital workspace. Flexxible | Smart Workspaces for Citrix Cloud, verified as Citrix Ready, provides an innovative way to manage and monitor enterprise cloud infrastructure through a single pane of glass. The solution is designed for companies of any size and provides an on-site layer for on-premises computing for Citrix Cloud. Flexxible | Smart Workspaces for Citrix Cloud configuration is automated, and installation only takes a few minutes. Scaling to new capacity is just as straightforward, making it easy to grow seamlessly as requirements change.

The eG Enterprise solution is another Citrix Ready verified monitoring solution. It is an end-to-end digital performance analytics platform that offers monitoring solutions for all products in the Citrix stack, both on-premises and in the cloud.

If you are attending Citrix Synergy 2019, please visit us at booth #102 to hear more about this program, how you can benefit, and which partner products are validated.