Citrix Synergy 2019 is right around the corner, and there will be a lot of opportunities to expand your knowledge and connect with our outstanding experts in breakout sessions, hands-on labs, one-on-one discussions, and at the Citrix Experience Center.

To help you fill out your Citrix Synergy agenda, I’ve provided a list of some amazing events where you can learn from and connect with our Technical Marketing superstars. Take a look:

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are a great way to dive deep into the Citrix solutions, get architectural insights relevant to your deployment, and hear about best practices. Here are some choice picks:

SYN216: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops tech update (May 2019 edition): This is the must-attend session if you are looking for a condensed update of anything and everything Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Presenters: Mayank Singh, Technical Marketing Architect, and Thomas Berger, Senior Architect.

SYN213: Optimizing VDI and RDS performance and scalability: Fast logons, the best user experience, and host density for VDI and RDS matter a lot. Not only for better utilization of hosts, but also to run a well-performing environment in a cost-effective way. Presenters: Martin Zugec, Senior Architect, Technical Marketing, and Rob Zylowski, Senior Architect, Citrix Consulting Services.

SYN129: Getting ahead of global regulations and compliance with Citrix: Security, security, security. It’s one of the hottest topics ,and IT has to manage risks and be compliant with regulations and many other areas to protect an organization’s assets. Presenters: Peter Lefkowitz, Chief Privacy and Digital Risk Officer; Florin Lazurca, Senior Technical Marketing Manager; and Joseph Nord, Director Product Management, Security.

SYN200: Security analytics to protect users and their workspace: A deep dive into a typical Citrix administrator and security experts’ challenges. Learn how to leverage Citrix Analytics as well as how to talk to security experts. Presenters: Pons Arun, Director of Product Management (Security), and Martin Zugec, Senior Architect, Technical Marketing.

Geek’s Guide to the Workspace

The Geek’s Guide to the Workspace is a 10-part series of breakout sessions and a first for Citrix Synergy. Our host Daniel Feller already shared a few insights about this series. These breakout sessions go from 10:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 23.

So join us (and get comfortable) in GWCC Building C, Level 3, Georgia Ballroom 3, and you may become a Citrix superstar yourself!

And if you can’t make it in person, we’ll be live streaming during the sessions, which will also be available for viewing after Synergy on Citrix Synergy TV.

SYN136: Workspace fundamentals (part 1): Bring all pieces together to create a complete Citrix Workspace experience with virtual apps and desktops, local and mobile apps, and content. Presenters: Daniel Feller, Lead Architect, Technical Marketing, and Ana Ruiz, Technical Marketing Architect.

SYN131: Beyond Pa$$w0rds for workspace authentication (part 2): Passwords, by nature, are insecure. This session will look into options, how they work and how they differ, and see how you can incorporate them into our primary Citrix Workspace identity. Presenters: Daniel Feller, Lead Architect, Technical Marketing, and Martin Zugec, Senior Architect, Technical Marketing.

SYN132: Protecting your SaaS (part 3): SaaS apps are great but can quickly sprawl and become out of control, exposing security risks. Managing these through single sign-on and with enhanced security is crucial. Presenters: Matthew Brooks, Technical Marketing Architect, and Scott Fanning, Senior Director, Product Management Security.

SYN133: First you get the content, then you get the apps (part 4): Users’ files and folders are everywhere, but not always in one place. Learn how you can aggregate these into Citrix Workspace for seamless access and better collaboration. Presenters: Brian Jozefat, Principal Consultant, Citrix Consulting Services, and Crystal Ricevuto, Senior Product Manager.

SYN134: Hands off my BYOD (part 5): Personal privacy and convenience are important to users, while security is important to the company. Expand your Citrix Workspace experience to incorporate best practices for securing mobile apps on BYO devices with the use of restriction policies and micro-VPN. Presenters: Matthew Brooks, Technical Marketing Architect, and Jeroen J.V. Lebon, Senior Product Marketing Manager.

SYN135: Managing WinRaspAppRoid devices (part 6): Today, a heterogenous device landscape is the norm because of user preferences, but this can turn into an IT nightmare to manage. Leverage Citrix Workspace to expand your endpoint management to incorporate Raspberry Pi, Apple, Android and other platforms in addition to Windows. Presenters: Frank Srp, Technical Marketing Architect, and Michael Dombroski, Engineer.

SYN232: More than one way to VDI (part 7): User workstyles are changing and there is no physical office dependency. However, there are solutions to deliver the right VDI based on use cases: DaaS, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Presenters: Mayank Singh, Technical Marketing Architect, and Allen Furmanski, Solutions Architect.

SYN233: Intelligent communications (part 8): More and more users work and collaborate in an environment that becomes virtual, where experience, timeliness, and usability matter. Learn how Citrix Workspace allows users to collaborate better through built-in solutions. Presenters: Stefan Pieters, Principal Domain Specialist, and Fernando Klurfan, Principal Product Manager HDX.

SYN234: Designing the right workspace connections (part 9): Today, connectivity is crucial to be able to work, access apps, files, any other information in the data center but also from anywhere else. A well-designed and deployed networking solution is crucial to experience, security, and connect seamlessly to on-premises and cloud. Presenters: Matthew Brooks, Technical Marketing Architect, and Jesse Wilson, Architect, Citrix Consulting Services.

SYN235: Analytics thinks that’s not normal (part 10): Any IT organization faces an overwhelming amount of alerts, reporting data, error logging, and more. But when do you know what matters  most and how do you ensure that you don’t miss anything? Check out this session for insights into how to be on top of your game. Presenters: Ana Ruiz, Technical Marketing Architect, and Ryan McClure, Senior Architect, Citrix Consulting Services.

If you make it through all 10 breakout sessions, you’ll have our deepest respect and you’ll definitely deserve to have a lot fun at the Final Night Party.

Learning Labs

This is where you roll up your sleeves and get into the technology by learning from experts how to configure and deploy a Citrix solution. Check out LAB625: Citrix Endpoint Management: migrating to modern management to get familiar with Citrix Endpoint Management by running through various UEM policies for Windows 10 and Android Enterprise. Our presenters are Frank Srp, Technical Marketing Architect, and Ana Ruiz, Technical Marketing Architect.


Take advantage of the opportunity to meet our Technical Marketing superstars in Match.Geek to discuss topics such as deployment strategies, Citrix architectures, or any other topic of your choosing. I highly recommend bringing your security questions to SYN516: Match.Geek with Florin Lazurca on May 22 at 3 p.m.

Meet the Experts

Come to our Meet the Experts Theaters if you are looking for short, TED Talk-style sessions that feature unfiltered commentary on the latest technical topics. It’s a great way to get insights into specific topics and connect with experts. Don’t miss SYN790: Browser isolation as a defense against the worst the web can offer. This session will help you to tackle web-based attacks that take advantage of browser and plugin vulnerabilities and the end-user habits they rely on. Presenters: Andrei Florescu, Director of Product Management, Datacenter and Cloud, Bitdefender, and Martin Zugec, Senior Architect, Technical Marketing.

Fireside Chats

This is another “byte” sized way to learn from technical experts and ask questions. And a word of warning: these sessions may be on fire! If you are interested in security, especially terminology (smart phishing, self-sustained hivenets or swarmbots, polymorphic malware), but also what the future may bring, you should not miss SYN405: The rise of dark AI with Martin Zugec, Senior Architect, Technical Marketing, and Florin Lazurca, Senior Technical Marketing Manager.

Are There Even More Experts?

Yes! We’ll have all our Technical Marketing superstars onsite. You’ll see them supporting our keynote, our executive briefing center, and the Citrix Experience Center and lending their expertise on the latest Citrix technologies in deep dives and discussions. Stop by, ask questions and connect.

We hope these recommendations are helpful as you plan your agenda for next week. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!