Enterprises are pushing to get closer to their customers to increase direct customer engagement. From a networking standpoint, this requires a digital transformation that almost always involves a shift to a cloud-native approach.

To move quickly, companies are transforming to introduce new app-development architectures around cloud-native networking and microservices. Companies that adopt a cloud-native strategy become more agile, move faster, and innovate on new business ideas. Monoliths are replaced with dozens (if not hundreds) of microservices; microservices are autoscaled; and critical functions are exposed as APIs.

To enable developer agility, yet maintain the security policies and operational framework established for the enterprise, platform teams must look for production-grade solutions. The Kubernetes stack, ingress devices and controllers, and monitoring solutions are selected from established vendors and startup companies. As platform teams start with open-source Kubernetes and ingress devices/controllers, they go to production with production-grade products. Why? They need to ensure compliance with operational practices and security policies.

Citrix ADC, in its myriad form factors, helps in the cloud-native journey. The containerized Citrix ADC CPX deploys easily into Kubernetes, just like any other container. Along with the Citrix Ingress Controller, the Citrix ADC secures and optimizes network traffic entering the Kubernetes cluster.

At the same time, the deep metrics and logging provided by the Citrix ADC, along with the advanced analytics provided by Citrix Application Delivery Management, ensure that you aren’t flying blind in this complex new world. Cloud-native practices such as continuous deployment are supercharged by the Citrix ADC built-in support for Canary techniques.

Learn More at Citrix Synergy

Interested in find out more about going cloud native? Check out the following two sessions at Citrix Synergy 2019:

SYN116: Managing Citrix Networking infrastructure for cloud-native application environment
May 23, 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
GWCC, Building C, Level 1, Room C101

IT transformation, cloud, and new-application development technologies are changing the face of cloud-native app environments. In this session, we will look at some of the decision points that lead to the introduction of production-grade solutions like Citrix ADC and Citrix Application Delivery Management for Kubernetes and ingress devices/controllers. We will also explore the common customer journey for creating a common cloud-native platform for app development teams. A guest speaker from Duke Energy, one of the largest enterprises in the country, will discuss their journey to enabling application developers with speed and agility with a common, production-grade, cloud-native platform deployed as an internal service using Citrix ADC.

SYN 223: Going cloud native with Citrix ADC
Date / Time: May 23, 2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Location GWCC, Building C, Level 1, Room C111

Learn how Citrix ADC and Citrix Application Delivery Management help you put together a comprehensive cloud-native platform. This session will highlight what it takes to build a comprehensive containers-as-a-service solution for the enterprise using Kubernetes and how Citrix ADC can implement key features in Layer 7 load balancing, including ingress, CI/CD, SRE operations, and cluster autoscaling.

But Wait, There’s More…

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SYN220 – Going cloud? It’s where Citrix ADC has a role!
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SYN222 – Deploying Application Delivery Management for the enterprise and troubleshooting common issues
SYN224 – Best practices for public cloud deployments with Citrix ADC
SYN237 – Get end-to-end visibility of your network with Citrix Application Delivery Management (two sessions)
SYN715 – How to automate Citrix ADC in a hybrid cloud world
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SYN717 – Cool things you didn’t know were possible with Citrix ADC for private cloud, bare metal and other platforms

And if you’re looking for a well-rounded overview of what we’ve been working on in Citrix Networking, don’t miss SYN121: What’s new in Citrix Networking.