Last year, we began an effort to analyze our Citrix Service Provider (CSP) program from all angles. As part of this process, we welcomed new leadership with fresh perspectives and solicited feedback from many partners around the globe. In the end, we determined that partner differentiation is paramount to the continued development of our CSP program and partners. With the rapid growth of the CSP partner ecosystem, the move to tiered benefits is a natural evolution. As a company, we need to differentiate based upon the value partners contribute, while providing the resources and motivation for partners to grow their Citrix business.

Program tiers help us to tailor our CSP relationships better while also helping our partners to leverage Citrix programs better and differentiate themselves in the market. Citrix has a long history of successfully aligning the right resources with partner value in our Solution Advisor program. We are now using this experience to deliver benefits that better align with solution-provider business models.

The new Member, Preferred, and Premier CSP tiers, from lowest to highest, are defined according to several metrics, including certification, monthly revenue and compliance, among others.

Partner Benefits

  • Clear Definition for Growth — CSP partners will have a clear path for what they need to do to reach the next tier, which comes with exclusive advantages. For example, meeting the requirements of the Premier level grants additional marketing resources, rebate opportunities, free attendance at our annual sales conference Citrix Summit, and more.
  • Market Differentiation — The program structure enables partners to show current and prospective customers a certain level of credibility, experience, and expertise. In a quickly changing market with increasing competition, partner differentiation is key to success.
  • Better Business Alignment  With the new program structure, we are better able to cater to the unique needs of each partner and the value they bring to Citrix. Partners have different technical, sales, and marketing support needs, which are now addressed according to membership tiers. While the CSP program is already made up of various partner types, the tiered benefits will drive better alignment for business planning and partnership expectations.

Over the years, many of our partners requested a tier program and now share our excitement in seeing this come to fruition.

“A tiered program allows Citrix to tailor its benefits based on the partner’s needs,” says Ed Guarrieri, Vice President of Technology at CompuData. “Newer partners gain benefits that encourage growth and education, while larger partners can focus on scalability and efficiencies. All of us gain the attention we need for our current stage of development, while Citrix can provide a more focused approach to partner enablement.”

Thank you to our Citrix Service Provider partners for so much #citrixpartnerlove over 10 years of consistent growth! We are excited about the new growth opportunities that this program evolution brings and look forward to our continued mutual success.

Current Citrix Service Partners will receive a mid-April communication with tier level and qualification requirements, with no further action required. If you are interested in becoming a CSP partner, please visit to learn more about the program.

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