Digital transformation is not a new concept. It’s a way for life for everyone in an IT organization today. However, that conversation has been focused on the IT professional.

Networking is now a key component for the move to a hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. The move to the cloud adds a whole new set of challenges for networking: on-demand and always-on service, complexity with management, reliability in delivery of services, ever-expanding attack surfaces, and new application methodologies.

To help you navigate these new waters, our spring lunch and learn roadshow series focuses on the areas where you can take ownership and drive the solutions to these new challenges with:

  • Management and automation of hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Harnessing the black box to new cloud services, the internet
  • Reliably drive performance from remote sites to cloud

You will walk away from the event with the understanding and tools to own hybrid-cloud networking. We’ll be in cities across North and South America through May 16. Find a city near you.