Guest post by Simon Clephan – Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, IGEL

Healthcare organizations need rapid access to patient data — in some cases, rapid access can save lives. IGEL is partnering with Citrix to address this challenge by combining IGEL’s software-defined endpoint management solutions with Citrix digital workspaces.

The increasing pressure to be more efficient in accessing patient data is, in part, driven by the trend toward more consumerism in patient service. Patients want more direct access to their data and are demanding providers have the most recent, accurate records readily available.

Compounding the challenge is that clinician access to data now takes place in an environment of remote and mobile workers, with a myriad of endpoint devices. The key question is: How can a consistent end-user experience be ensured so that regardless of location or device, a healthcare professional can quickly, securely, and easily get the access and data they need?

With Citrix, users get a seamless work experience regardless of the type of app, device, network, or location, without a lot of extra steps. IT maintains control and visibility of SaaS, mobile, virtual, and web apps with a simple and integrated solution that enhances a user’s experience, giving them the best tool to do their job efficiently.

With IGEL and Citrix, a healthcare professional can boot up their user profile on any device and, using IGEL’s Linux OS-powered endpoint software and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, quickly access the clinical records and applications they need to be most productive.

Security Is a Priority

For the eighth straight year, healthcare organizations had the highest data breach-related costs of any industry at $408 per lost or stolen record — nearly three times the cross-industry average of $148, according to research from the Ponemon Institute. It isn’t enough to provide faster, more efficient access to data. It also must be achieved in the most secure environment possible.

That is where IGEL excels at the endpoint.

IGEL’s Linux OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and very resistant to viruses and other malware. The IGEL endpoint management software integrates with the Citrix Workspace app, adding more layers at the access point, providing two-factor authentication, smart card readers, and SSL encryption.

Economical, Citrix Ready Upgrades

Another key challenge healthcare providers face is protecting margin. IGEL’s Universal Desktop Converter software enables organizations to control costs by repurposing legacy equipment, converting any x86 device into an IGEL OS endpoint.

For example, Diversicare, a skilled-nursing, long-term-care service provider, saved more than $600,000 in its first year of upgrading equipment to IGEL endpoints running the Citrix Workspace app. The company needed a turnkey integration with Citrix and an endpoint solution that could standardize across all 76 centers.

As a designated Citrix Ready partner, IGEL offers healthcare organizations like Diversicare an economical means of repurposing legacy equipment and seamlessly integrating with Citrix Workspace. IGEL also helps budget-conscious providers to save on IT time and overhead costs by deploying IGEL’s Universal Management Suite, which enables centralized, remote management from a single console.

Explore IGEL Endpoint Management at HIMSS

Visit with IGEL at HIMSS19 in the Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion (booth 527). Explore how the IGEL-Citrix partnership can help healthcare providers improve clinician data access in a more secure, efficient VDI environment and accommodate an array of endpoint devices. You can also find more information about IGEL products at