Customer options to deploy hybrid cloud Citrix Workspaces continue to expand with the availability of Cisco HyperFlex for Citrix Cloud services.

While we were preparing for the holidays in mid-December, Cisco quietly announced Cisco HyperFlex for Citrix Cloud services. It’s now January. Citrix Summit is in full swing in Orlando, and it is anything but quiet when it comes to Cisco HyperFlex for Citrix Cloud services. The wraps came off in a Cisco blog yesterday, where they described how Citrix and Cisco have come together to create a hybrid-cloud solution for Citrix Workspaces that is fast and easy to deploy and manage.

It’s possible thanks to a little “secret sauce” from Cisco in the form of integrated automation, which enables the rapid deployment of Citrix Cloud connectors onto HyperFlex. Customers who want to take advantage of the benefits of moving the Citrix control plane to the cloud and have Citrix manage the environment as a service from the cloud, all while keeping their critical apps and data securely on HyperFlex in the data center, can deploy everything in a matter of hours with just a few clicks. That’s a far cry from the days or even weeks that it used to take. This is what we mean when we say hybrid cloud — leveraging the simplicity of cloud-based services from Citrix with on-premises, hyperconverged infrastructure from Cisco.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of centralized cloud management for their Citrix Workspaces, including having Citrix maintain, upgrade, patch, and back up the Citrix infrastructure components, while having on-premises capabilities that help them meet their regulatory and/or corporate governance and data sovereignty requirements. The connection between the two is managed via stateless Citrix Cloud connectors, providing a secure, encrypted connection between the Citrix control plane and HyperFlex.

The combination of Citrix Cloud and the performance and ease of deployment of Cisco hyperconverged infrastructure gives customers a hybrid-cloud workspaces solution that makes no compromises. Customers can rest assured that the solution is Citrix Ready-verified, meaning that it’s fully-supported by both Citrix and Cisco.

If you are a Citrix or Cisco partner attending Citrix Summit in Orlando this week, stop by the Cisco booth in the exhibit hall to see this solution for yourself. You can also find out more by reading the solution brief here.

You can also learn more about this solution in a joint Citrix/Cisco webinar on Wednesday, January 16, at 9 a.m. (PT). Register at