As we head into the holiday season and wrap up a year of Technology in Practice (Citrix TIPs) events, I thought it was only fitting to provide some critical end-of-year updates related to our most popular topics … and to have a little fun.

I’m putting together an all-star panel of Citrix Consulting Services enterprise architects, and we’re going to attempt to answer any question you have “live.” It can be something related to a past TIPs topic or it can simply be a question that’s been racking your brain and that you’d like Citrix Consulting to weigh in on.

Free consulting! No strings attached!

I’ll moderate and divvy up the questions to the brain trust as they come in. So who’s on this star-studded panel?

  • Sarah Steinhoff. Sarah is our Lead Enterprise Architect in the East US. She is a whiz on things like StoreFront, Workspace (formerly Receiver), and FAS to name a few. But she also has a ton of large-scale design experience — she routinely advises some of our largest customers around the world.
  • Ryan McClure. Ryan is our Lead Enterprise Architect in the Central US. He is one of our security gurus and probably knows Citrix Endpoint Management better than anyone. Ryan also has a ton of huge customers in his patch, so I dare you to try to stump him with a design or scalability question.
  • Kevin Nardone. Kevin’s joint webinars with Jeff Mitchell from Microsoft were probably our most popular events. Kevin is a Senior Enterprise Architect and covers the South Central area. He’s one of the best Citrix Cloud and Azure resources in the entire company. (I’m biased, but this also isn’t too much of a stretch if you’ve worked with Kevin.)
  • Nick Rintalan. Hey, that’s me! I’m the Principal Architect in CCS these days, and I also manage the Architecture team in the Americas. I still pretend to know a few things about scalability, profiles, and PVS. I’ll go on the record right now saying I’m most likely to be stumped!

I mentioned that we’ll be providing a few technical updates before we launch into the live Q&A/stump the architect segment. Ryan will kick things off and provide an update on how the recent Microsoft/FSLogix acquisition will impact our Office 365 integration. Sarah will then dive into some of the access architecture options that we’re seeing deployed with Citrix Cloud. Kevin will provide an update on the latest CVAD/Azure scalability numbers and cost models. And I’ll bring it home with a security update for CVAD SSS. It should be informative and fun, and it won’t take more than an hour of your time.

If this sounds like a great way to start your holiday season, then please join us for this free webinar on Monday, December 17. We’ll run two sessions, too — 9:00 a.m. (EST) and 2:00 p.m. (EST). Please bring your questions, and I hope to see you there!


Nick Rintalan
Principal Architect & Sr. Director of Architecture
Citrix Consulting Services (CCS)