Product qualification, per the Wikipedia entry, “is the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations, or specifications.”

Many of us look for labels on items we’re buying. We hunt for little icons that ensure there’s a level of quality or standard for peace of mind with our purchases. For example, we look for “made for iPhone,” when we’re looking for a charger at the airport (how many times have you left your charger at home, sitting on your nightstand?) We want to make sure what we’re buying is actually going to work as outlined by the manufacturer. If it’s not verified, much like a charger I bought from a street vendor once, it will fry out in a couple weeks because it was never tested to the exact specs outlined by Apple, the manufacturer.

As organizations make investments in technology, they, too, want to ensure that what they’re purchasing has been fully tested and verified to work with what’s already in their environments.

One of the reasons we created the Citrix Ready program was to help partners test and verify their products and solutions to make sure that they are compatible with Citrix solutions. That, in turn, makes purchasing easier for customers and prospects evaluating Citrix. It lets them know they can trust that the joint solution will work as designed. With the release of the new Citrix Workspace app and new Citrix Cloud services, we are updating one of our key technical programs by introducing the new Citrix Ready Workspace Endpoint program.

What is the Citrix Ready Workspace Endpoint program?

The Citrix Ready Workspace Endpoint program is developed to help thin client partners and other endpoint players validate both software and hardware against Citrix Workspace app and Citrix Cloud services. This program is a replacement for an earlier verification program against which thin client products are tagged for HDX levels, namely HDX Ready, HDX Premium, and HDX 3D Pro. Upon verification of their products with Citrix Workspace app, existing partners will be tagged with Endpoint levels: “Standard” and “Premium” and “untagged” from any HDX levels. HDX levels filter will be soon deprecated from being visible in the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Customers now can confidently select endpoints that deliver the best possible user experience powered by Citrix Workspace services — that means instant access to SaaS and web apps, files, mobile apps, and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

You can choose endpoints depending on what endpoint level and performance you require.

  • A Citrix Ready Endpoint badge is assigned to a standard level endpoint that meets the workspace demands of a task-workers and light-knowledge workers who require their endpoints to be fast and efficient, yet not built to process demanding advanced use cases or execute the heavy-lifting required of apps at the endpoint.
  • A Citrix Ready Endpoint Premium badge is assigned to a premium-level endpoint that meets even the most demanding needs of Workspace customers; it supports all the necessary Citrix features and use cases.

This labeling system helps Citrix Ready partners build trust with customers who have endpoints that are integrated and validated with Citrix Workspace app and Citrix Cloud services. Partners will test their endpoints against new feature add-ons in Citrix Workspace app such as Secure SaaS, Citrix Content Collaboration, Browser Content Redirection and the soon-to-be-enacted Citrix Endpoint Management. Partners will now prepare their setup in hybrid and multi-cloud environments using Citrix Cloud with their resource location pointing to on-premises and supported public cloud offerings, respectively. This change is new to partners who prepared fully on-premises environment in the past to run their verification tests.

As mentioned, the Citrix Ready Workspace Endpoint program comes with benefits that include the technical resources required to complete your product verification. The program also provides marketing advantages exclusively designed to help drive awareness and demand for your solution. Some highlighted benefits include:

Access to the Citrix product binaries and Citrix Workspace:

  • Citrix Workspace app redistribution rights
  • Citrix Ready Marketplace listing
  • Citrix Ready Endpoint Premium logo for promotions
  • And much more!

We encourage you to check out our upcoming webinar on the Citrix Ready Workspace Endpoint program to get more details and answers to any questions. If you’re ready to get started, be sure to sign up for the new program and begin your product verification. For customers, be on the lookout for new thin clients validated as part of this program in the Citrix Ready Marketplace.