We’re now three months into the launch of our new Citrix Workspace and so far, we’ve already had a number of customers migrate and emphasize the improved performance and experience of the new solution.

Our overall goal with the Citrix Workspace was to arm our customers for the future of work. With Workspace, we’ve enabled them to give their end-users a great experience and at the same time, to maintain security and control. As with all our products, our engineering teams are always developing innovative features to go above and beyond the status quo, and today I’m proud to announce a technical preview of a new feature: Citrix Brand Personalization.

Through the many customer conversations I’ve had the opportunity to have over the years, corporate leaders always have emphasized that while their users liked the ability to access all their apps and data through a single application (Citrix Workspace app), there was a need for customization. Some organizations wanted to be able to customize the look and feel of the Citrix Workspace app to reflect their organization’s brand. This offers them the ability to differentiate the Citrix app from one organization to another. For example, a hospital or university can now have clinicians or students access their respective published apps, desktops and data from a customized application with their own organization’s logo.

What does Citrix Brand Personalization do?

On the surface, Brand Personalization is straightforward as to what it can do for Citrix customers. This new feature allows organizations to customize not only the name of the Citrix Workspace app, but also the application icon, the color and the theme. Additionally, this applies to references to the application name in error/popup strings. For example, if I branded my Workspace app to the Aston Martin Red Bull Workspace, I can search “Red Bull Workspace” in my search bar to quickly launch my app.

How do I try out this feature?

 As mentioned above, we’ve currently released this feature as a technical preview, with a general availability coming in the near future. To try this new service out, simply click here and fill out the information fields. Once submitted, you will then get all the items needed to get started. You can also work with your local Citrix account team they’ll guide you through the process. This is a really neat feature, and we look forward to feedback on how this works within your organization.

Stay tuned to the Citrix blogs for more innovative features on the Citrix Workspace!