Guest blog post by Jack Tang, Inside Sales Manager, IGEL

Education environments are riddled with a complex mix of diverse endpoint devices with a wide range of inconsistent configurations. This can make the management of these different systems costly and challenging. But a complete forklift upgrade is very likely out of the question from both a monetary as well as logistic perspective.

Now you can quickly and easily convert any compatible x86 device with one standard, secure operating system – giving new life to aging systems with IGEL UD Pocket and IGEL Universal Desktop Converter software. Simple, smart and secure, IGEL endpoint converter solutions reduce IT cost and complexity for educational organizations and can even support multiple versions of Citrix Receiver on a single device.

The bonus? You can more easily migrate to Windows 10 without expensive hardware upgrades and achieve centralized, remote management which makes managing 10,000 devices as easy as it is for 10. That means fast, consistent reconfiguration of devices for lessons and exams. It also means more simplified security to lock-down and fully control student systems.

Great Things Come in Small Packages

Consider the value and flexibility of the IGEL UD Pocket. No larger than a paper clip, this mini, portable IGEL Universal Desktop thin client enables you to easily convert existing endpoints, bring your own device (BYOD) systems or student computers into a controlled, unified solution. Simply plug it into the device’s USB slot and you can boot to a highly secure operating system for controlled access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop). When you’re done, just remove it and boot to the computer’s original OS.

Successfully deployed on tens of thousands of devices, the IGEL UD Pocket saves customers millions by eliminating the need to refresh older hardware. Each UD Pocket-enabled device is repurposed and can be managed centrally from a common management console — regardless of where the endpoint is working — from the computer lab to the teacher’s office.

Safe and Secure

Unifying your endpoints with IGEL will also give you the superior security your education environment requires. Keep security threats at bay with a read-only file system that ensures that every boot-up is safe. Combine that with trusted execution, two-factor authentication and built-in smart card readers and your environment is well protected — from risky student behavior to unexpected breaches.

IGEL’s Citrix Partnership Runs Deep

IGEL has been working with Citrix for more than 16 years and is one of the most active Citrix Ready partners. Together, the companies are committed to developing new and innovative ways in which to collaborate to improve the end user computing (EUC) experience.

Featuring the IGEL OS secure operating system (which is loaded on the tiny IGEL UD Pocket), the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC3) or IGEL Universal Management Suite means that it is verified as Citrix Ready. That means you’ll know that interoperability is already tested and proven, eliminating obstacles that can set your EUC project back or prevent you from achieving a successful roll out.

The same is true for IGEL hardware products. Selecting Citrix Ready verified IGEL thin clients means the solutions are seamlessly compatible with Citrix virtualized infrastructure environments, minimizing implementation challenges and delivering a trouble-free user experience.

For more information, visit with IGEL during EDUCAUSE 2018 in the Citrix Ready Partner Pavilion in Booth #413 to see a demonstration of its software-defined endpoint computing solutions. You can also find more information about IGEL products at

P.S. Citrix-Ready recently recognized IGEL as a Winner in their Spotlight Video Contest, which highlighted the use of the UD Pocket to convert aging hardware to enable Skype for Business to turbo charge your unified communications by integrating with Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack. Check it out here!